Marvel was wrong to remove them from the movie that can now be seen for free on Disney +

‘Eternals’ has arrived this week at the Disney + catalog, which is why Marvel has taken the opportunity to launch online the four deleted scenes which will include the home format edition of the film Chloe Zhao, and that we will still have to wait until February 9 to be able to acquire it on DVD, Blu-ray or UHD.

Although I didn’t dislike it either, I’m not one of the great defenders that ‘Eternals’ has, but what I do have clear is that the film would have benefited from the presence of these four deleted scenes, especially the last one focused on in a chat between Dane (Kit Harington) and Sprite (Lia McHugh).

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So much to add something more depth to the characters as for the fact that it makes more sense of a later scene when they receive the first attack from a deviant. It is true that the film was already very long, but perhaps it would have been better to cut it on another side.

The other three deleted scenes are also worth watching, either to better understand the position that Sprite and Makkari have (Lauren Ridloff) towards humanity or how exactly Phastos came up with the idea (Brian Tyree Henry) to activate the Unimente, in addition to giving us a tender moment with his son.

You all do you think it was right to remove them from the final montage of ‘Eternals’ or was it a mistake by Marvel?

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