Mary Pedraza and Bella Hadid coincide with a change of look end


Its huge blue eyes and his mane short and curly are two of the physical traits more salient of one of the great promises of art of our country. Mary Pedraza has managed to fall in love with the public thanks to roles in a series of worldwide success as The each paper or Elitebut it’s not just his talent that has become an idol of the masses. The proof that Mary is a creator of trends is that their million fans draw inspiration from their clothes, makeup and change their look constantly. Madrid is not afraid of experimenting because you already has been daring with the pink hair more than once, he changed his brown warm natural the platinum blonde and demonstrate that wearing a short hairstyle it is not synonymous with always go as combed. This weekend the time has come for a new change: a mane XXL that has also chosen Bella Hadid to say goodbye to their long bob.

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The longer, the better. The hallmarks of the new look of Maria and Bella is characterized by not having limits. Both use the extensions to achieve a radical transformation: while the supermodel is decided by a length below the chest and a hairstyle bohemian already fell in love with Margot Robbie a few months ago the actress bet for the braid a mile long that has already become the favorite of many other artists as Zendaya.

“Mary loves to take a risk. We enjoyed a lot of the processes beauties for sessions and carpetsexperienced it as an authentic artistic expression”, explained the expert Iván Gómez to FASHION when Pedraza debuted that long bob that would be the court who adore to have curly hair. This creative personality allows him to transform his image to get into the skin of different characters or dress up for a premiere, as this radical change, the work of the specialist in makeup and hairdressing Raquel Alvarez, who is in a braid high top that falls to below the chest.

One of the big pros of the kinds of hairpieces that use the celebrities to add inches to your hair is that they do not have hitches semi-permanent, that is to say, they can be removed at the end of the day with ease and re-used later. The advantages of the technique is that it does not need special care as with the fixed extensions, which can damage the hair if not placed properly, do not take into account the thickness of the natural hair is left too long, or weigh too much and cause a pulling effect on the scalp that hinders the normal growth of the mane. It is for this reason that most of the artists and models rely on the method of clip for their transformations more extreme.

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