Marzamemi Cinefest 2023 opens with Barbara Tabitha and Roberto Lipari

Two Sicilian actors will name a film event that opens the horizons of food, music and books. Another 11 days, and then, from 13 to 17 September, the most beautiful seaside village in Sicily will meet an emotional stage. Wednesday, September 13th is the day the curtain rises for Marzamemi CineFest 2023. And from that day until Sunday, September 17th, the second Mediterranean Identity Festival will be a showcase for the world of celluloid as well as books. music, cooking and bel canto.

Kermessa will be opened by Sicilian names in the very front row of a large celluloid proscenium: Roberto Lipari and Barbara Tabitha. Two of them, the main characters of the film So, everyone about you will be on Regina Margarita Square from 19.45, in the very center of a conversation that will tell them and tell them. The evening, hosted by Deniz Spicuglia, is a journey to discover two talents who have different and constant professional paths and statements and who together have achieved success in their latest film, appreciated by audiences and critics.

After them, still in Marzamemi Square, Martina Giannone, a young filmmaker from Scicli, will present a documentary about a beautiful Easter Sunday in her city: Sul behind the crowd. But Wednesday, September 13, 2023, the opening of Marzamemi CineFest, will also be the first of four days with big changes in the review program from the first edition. Shows and events will take place not only on Regina Margherita Square, but also on the Starrabba Promenade.

And right on the first day of the festival, a small masterpiece is shown: “Malena” with Monica Bellucci in the title role, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. “Sweet Life”, “I’m cento passi” and “Baariya” are other films that are shown on the Martsamemi embankment. In short, Marzamemi CineFest 2023 is here!

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