Masip’s flu casts doubt on goals

Real Valladolid have been preparing all week for their game against Alcorcon, with the past four training sessions behind closed doors and absences could be significant.exactly Jordi Masip will not be able to train on Thursday or Friday The reason, as we have already discovered, has nothing to do with a possible exit, but rather the Catalans’ relationship with strong fluwhich brings questions to tomorrow’s meeting.

Masip’s likely absence against the Potters opens the door for another current first-team keeper but raises the question of who could replace him.because it’s like Fresneda and Ulrich have registered with the league this morning, brazil goal johnNewcomer, not yet included. He could be signed today, but with many of the possession mechanics employed by goalkeepers in Pezzolano’s team, he could be signed sooner rather than later.

play options Asenjo It can happen too. He is a goalkeeper with a record and experience and although the club are looking for a way out for him, it is not ruled out that he will have to be sacked.This would be paradoxical, so the likelihood of him playing Acebes You still have some options. The goalkeeper from Valladolid, who could be out on loan in the next few days, could be selected because of his quality time at the club and because he understands the mechanics of releasing the ball. Tomorrow, an hour before the game, we will find out how this problem is resolved.

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