Masquerade wedding in Venice. Grace Kelly style wedding dress

Alessandro’s costume was made in Milan’s Maison Bottega Dalmut. He wore a nude tuxedo, Cartier cufflinks with a personalized engraving of the wedding date (a gift from the bride) and loafers with their initials.

Jewels of the groom’s family’s historic home

The jewelry house Bartorelli di Alessandro is a historic company. Founded in 1882, it now has seven stores and boutiques in the area and is also a dealership for various international luxury brands. And the bride had only to choose the creations of the brand: she decided to demonstrate earrings with diamonds, an engagement ring and a necklace with a light point. A very classic choice. “I didn’t want to draw attention away from the wedding dress,” she said.

Two changes of clothes to surprise

The second dress that Beatrice wore to dinner was by Maison Yeya. This long trumpet dress features a sweetheart neckline and beaded geometric pattern. It has a bow at the back and a long train at the front. This creation has also been redesigned and redesigned to make it more personal and unique. The bride again chose Jimmy Choo shoes, this time the Bing 100 model, studded with luminous stones. However, the third dress was born out of the need to be able to dance freely in the second part of the ceremony. “It was designed and created by my friend Sonia Komastri, who will soon be opening her new Maison Le KoKo boutique. We made this dress together and had a lot of fun at different stages of making it: an experience I will never forget.” It is made of silk cady with an American neckline, embellished with appliqués at the neck. Finishing touch? The ostrich feather stole is hand-sewn. The shoes used for the third dress are by Alevi Milano, model Penelope.

Wedding in honor of the Venetian tradition

“We wanted it to be an important ceremony, with reference to Venetian traditions, but we didn’t want something too “pretentious”: we tried to give our guests and friends a unique experience that is both fun and light-hearted.” The main color of the ceremony was white, and the bride and groom also chose pink and gold details for decor.

Ceremony in the luxurious Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari.

The ceremony took place in the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. “Choosing a church was not easy. For those who are not Venetian, it is not obvious that it is possible to get married in such a culturally important basilica, but it was thanks to the strong connection with this city that we managed, thanks to a great dialogue with the parish priest, to celebrate our day, which we have always dreamed of.” The ceremony opened with a very important performance for the bride. “My cousin Enrico Marchiante sang, and he managed to make the ceremony even more intimate and meaningful. The church was decorated with peonies, roses, white hydrangeas, ice ballet asclepias and delphiunias. The floral decor was handled by Nicoletta De Santis of Officina Floral, who has been organizing Bartorelli events for many years.

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