Mass vaccination to “survive” the flu campaign

Jesus Alonso.

In the year 2020 to flu was given up for missing thanks to the measures against Covid-19, such as the use of a mask, hand hygiene or interpersonal distance. However, this year -and with the relaxation of the aforementioned measures-, Family doctors warn that “If we want to survive this year’s flu campaign we need a massive vaccination campaign”.

Flu vaccination from Primary Care.

The objective of the current vaccination campaign against influenza in the Community of Madrid is to achieve 75% coverage in the case of people over 60 years of age and health and social health personnel, while in the case of pregnant women and vulnerable people it is 60 percent. Because, Jesus Alonso Fernandez, a family doctor at CS Valdebernardo and first vice president of the SEMG in Madrid, believes that it is essential that physicians “take advantage of any time in consultation to promote the flu vaccine among patients.”

This is how he expressed himself during his speech at the III Madrid Congress of the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians, where he has listed six keys for which in 2020 “there was no flu”:

  1. The measures that have been put into effect during the pandemic

  2. Infectious niche displacement

  3. Isolation from children

  4. Coinfection

  5. Flu vaccination

  6. Less flu diagnosis

It has also shown that health professionals, in general, “we vaccinate very little”. The year prior to the pandemic, 41.8 per story of Madrid physicians were vaccinated against the flu. “Luckily, last year we reached 73.9 percent, which is 76.7 percent more.” Therefore, understand that getting vaccinated is a “Ethical duty”, not only to protect yourself or your environment, but also the patients who receive care.

Jesús Alonso during the talk ‘What’s new in the flu?’

Influenza awareness campaigns

Another striking aspect, in his opinion, are the intense information campaigns that have been carried out in recent months by both the health authorities and the media in favor of vaccination against influenza. In addition, he recalled that “the pandemic joined us with the beginning of the flu pandemic.” “It was thought that the health system was going to overflow, but it did not. Information campaigns like these are very important to raise awareness ”, he pointed out.

Finally, Alonso has warned that, as is happening in some countries such as the United States, a certain rebound in flu outbreaks and, in this sense, he recalled some of the problems that it can generate: “It is not only fever and muscle pain, but it can cause lung problems, such as pneumonia, or lead to pneumococcus, which in turn causes cardiovascular risk.”

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