Massacre of Roman Polanski when the masks are dropped

On occasion 90º birthday From Roman Polanskiwe decided to celebrate his career by rediscovering one of his films: massacrereleased worldwide in 2011.

It is known that one of the most influential and controversial directors throughout the history of cinema, his career has spawned a number of notable films spanning various cinematic genres and styles. Not everyone knows that Polanski survived the Holocaust by fleeing the Warsaw Ghetto during the Nazi occupation, and that it was this experience that deeply influenced his writing and directing style. Among his main works we note: Rosemary’s baby, Chinatown, Pianist (for which he won Academy Award for Director in 2003), Death and the Virgin.

Massacre, stupidity of adults according to Polanski

The cast of

massacre this is a movie based on a play god of carnage French playwright and writer Yasmine Raza and focuses mainly about human dynamics and interpersonal conflicts. The action of the film is almost complete inside the apartment and follows the meeting of two couples, the Longstreets and Cowans, who reunite to discuss a quarrel between their children.

On one side we have Penelope Longstreet (Jodie Foster) and Michael Longstreet (John S. Reilly), façade morality for her and poisonous positivity for him; on the other hand we have Nancy Cowan (Kate Winslet) and Alan Cowan (Christoph Waltz), she hides behind a flimsy veneer of safety and ease, he doesn’t even pretend to be interested in the discussion.

Beyond social conventions

Massacre of Roman Polanski

One of the most notable aspects massacre it’s his ability explore the deterioration of social relations and the mask of civilization. The initial tension, solely related to a childhood accident, gradually escalates into a clash of personalities, revealinghypocrisy, selfishness And weakness Human which are often hidden behind superficial politeness. Polanski’s film emphasizes that tensions and misunderstandings are inevitable even in the most “civilized” situations. how fragile social conventions are which we have worked so hard to create.

Polanski uses restricted settings to create feeling of claustrophobia and growing tension. The action mainly takes place in the Cowens’ apartment, which becomes a kind of microcosm, where emotions intensify human dynamics are studied in detail. The direction emphasizes the transformation of the characters, pushing them to crucial moment while their personalities emerge more distinctly as the film progresses at a steady pace.

massacrePolanski bets on cast

Kate Winslet in

Movie this definitely makes the cast his fortefocusing on the talent of each of the actors without adding any extra frills. Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz AND John S. Reilly they deliver impressive and compelling performances portraying their characters both realistic and challengingpeople to the point where we wonder if we are deep down like them. Their ability to transition from comedic moments to palpable tension is fundamental to the film’s success, Christoph Waltz’s poignant irony makes us wonder how such cynicism can exist, and Jodie Foster’s arrogance makes one wonder how this can happen to the blind.

massacre may not be to everyone’s taste. Its limited structure and focus on dialogue may turn off those looking for more conventional action or more fast-paced storytelling. Also, the lack of a final ending may leave some viewers unsatisfied, but it’s right in minimalism final beauty of this work: When two children play together in the park, we understand how important this is. massacre has very little to do with a quarrel between two children. Polanski’s novel sheds light on adult silliness as if it were the Little Prince of the 2010s.

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