match the micro bikini with the belly chain

Kim Kardashian seems to be ready for summer already. On social media, she posed in a micro bikini and anticipated a trend that will certainly be all the rage at the seaside: that of the body chain, the “belly” necklace.

Kim Kardashian she returned to her “normal” daily life after being in Milan for the Fashion Week for a few days. We left her with a red suit studded with crystals at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, today we find her in America in a sensual seaside version. It may be because she wanted to anticipate the summer or because she simply intended to sponsor her new bikini collection just a few days after its launch, but the sure thing is that she left the fans speechless by posing with a micro two-piece. By doing so, you also anticipated one of the trends that promise to be the must-have for the hottest season of the year: that’s what it’s all about.

Kim Kardashian anticipates summer

To the motto of “In search of the soul“, Kim Kardashian says she’s already ready for summer. Against the backdrop of a marble shower, she posed wearing a total black micro two-piece that highlighted her iconic hourglass silhouette. The model is part of the collection by bikini SKIMS and is characterized by a triangle bra and a very high-cut and “minimal” thong. Loose and smooth hair, sunglasses in the hands and an anklet: the body chain, the “belly” necklace made the difference which added a sparkling touch around the waist.The accessory has literally depopulated among the stars in recent summers, will it be back in vogue in 2023 thanks to Kim?

Kim kardashian in SKIMS

Kim kardashian in SKIMS

How Kim Kardashian works out

Beyond the beach outfit sported, the detail that most of all attracted the attention of the fans was Kim’s impeccable physical shape. What does she do to have sculpted abs and a toned silhouette? After going on a crash diet to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s dress last year, she has continued to work out regularly. She dedicates herself to the gym for 2 hours a day and, between push-ups, treadmills and weight lifting, she manages to shape her body but maintaining the provocative curves that have always distinguished her. Of course she doesn’t do everything by herself, she relies on a personal trainer who follows her in every workout. How many dream of achieving similar results?

Ilary Blasi with the body chain: in summer the bikini is worn with the chain around the waist

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