Matrix Resurrections: Keanu Reeves surprises again with his generosity

Keanu Reeves, in addition to being known for his performances in The Matrix – 87%, Constantine – 46% and Another Day to Kill – 85% are one of the kindest Hollywood stars out there; one of his most recent acts of generosity was donating 70% of his profits for Matrix Resurrections – 65% to cancer research. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has unveiled another act of kindness that is touching everyone.

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According to the media, Keanu paid the trip to his representatives, friends and other members of the production, to go to San Francisco to the premiere of Matrix Resurrections – 65% at the Castro Theater; He paid for private jet travel, hotel accommodations, and tickets, and even hosted a post-premiere meal where he gave gifts to guests. Chad Stahelski, director of the John Wick series and a cast member of the new installment of The Matrix, had this to say (via Uproxx):

He blew up a group of us here. It is incredibly generous. In the audience tonight there will be many people who helped him, from his martial arts trainers to jiu-jitsu trainers, hairdressers and makeup artists and his stunt team. You make sure your friends and family are here. He is epic.

This story will continue to fuel the legend of Reeves, while he, for his part, refuses to exalt himself, since The Hollywood Reporter He contacted me to say something about the trip described above and only replied, “Yes, it is great to be able to share our experiences and lives together.”

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The Matrix trilogy was a very important moment in Reeves’ career, and for many fans it was a dream to see the actor again in the role of Neo, although others have not been satisfied with the film in general. Many believed that the Matrix did not need a sequel, but since Warner Bros. planned to continue exploiting the franchise at any cost, Lana Wachowski decided to take over, this time on her own, without the collaboration of Lilly Wachowski.

Due to the simultaneous release on HBO Max and theaters, coupled with the fact that the film was competing with the super successful Spider-Man: No Way Home – 92%, Matrix Resurrections has been a flop at the box office, with only $ 107.6 million raised (according to Box Office Mojo), which is a measly amount compared to the nearly $ 200 million budget.

As far as is known, there will be no sequelae of Matrix Resurrections, as a producer and Keanu himself answered negatively when asked about it, and the director, Lana Wachowski, made it clear to AP Entertainment that the producers decided that there will be no more. However, that is no reason to regret, as Reeves continues with the saga that resurrected his career, John Wick, as we will see him soon in the fourth and fifth installments. It was also recently announced that he will star in the series. The Devil in the White City, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese.

In case of Keanu reeves It is so prominent because Hollywood is full of nefarious people, just remember the scandal that sparked the rise of the #MeToo movement: the producer and co-founder of Miramax, Harvey weinstein, was accused by dozens of women of harassment and even sexual abuse. Soon after, more and more accusations against famous actors, directors and producers began to appear. The most remembered names are those of Bryan Singer, TJ Miller, Kevin Spacey, James Franco, Brett Ratner and the most recent, Joss Whedon, who was abusive towards almost all the women he worked with. It is time that in the Mecca of Cinema Keanu reeves be the role model and not the usual bullies and abusers.

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