Matrix Resurrections: Massive movie spoilers are leaking and it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen

Matrix Resurrections is one of the most anticipated films of the year and we are less than a month away from the premiere. Although the specialized critics have not seen the tape, World of reel reports test screenings not for members of the press, but for some lucky fans who have not hesitated to speak up about the experience. Through the web page details of the plot have been published with great luxury and it is surprising. We recommend that you not continue reading if you want to arrive at the premiere with a blank mind.

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Matrix Resurrections works as a sequel to Matrix: Revolutions – 36% developed a long time later, or at least that’s what we think for now. The trailers shown by Warner bring us back to several of the characters we know: Neo, Trinity and others we have never seen. It is interesting to note that things have changed a lot for its protagonists, keeping a mystery around them that will only be answered with the launch on the big screen. Although the trailers include many images, they do not seem to make the plot entirely clear. World of reel posted the anonymous testimony of a lucky guy who already saw the movie and it’s crazy:

I was lucky enough to see Matrix 4 this week. It’s good, obviously not as good as the first movie, but better than the two sequels. It goes in many unexpected directions. The plot is literally nothing you would expect. If I had a chance to guess what the plot would be, I would by no means get close. The first hour is very, very goal. You can tell that the basic plot on a high level is about Neo and Trinity figuring out who they are, but not in the way you think.

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Subsequently, Wheel of reel shares important details about the main characters of the film, data that reveals crucial parts of the plot and that will leave fans in awe. It is clear that Lana Wachowski thought of something very daring for the new chapter of the story that she created and that marked her life and that of her fans forever:

Yahya Abdul Mateen is Morpheus 2.0 (a Neo-coded computer program that gets consciousness. Jessica Henwick is Bugs (the movie is from his point of view for the most part). Neil Patrick Harris is The Analyst (it’s like The Architect from the original trilogy). He is the main villain of the film. He has created a pocket universe to keep Neo and Trinity alive for the purpose of creating energy for the machines. Jonathan Groff is recoded Agent Smith. Jada Pinkett Smith is Niobe, 60 Years older, she is the leader of the human race in a city called Io that was built after the fall of Zion.

In the last paragraphs of the testimony, the anonymous viewer points out that Matrix 4 It includes many scenes from the first movie as a form of nostalgia, in addition, old combat scenes are recreated with interesting additions to the dynamics. The anonymous messenger assures that the first hour of the film will be something “very meta” and even describes the last minutes of action, they are amazing: “The end of the film is a scene from a zombie movie. All the residents of the Matrix are put into what is known as ‘swarm mode’, in which they attack Neo and his crew to prevent them from returning to the real world. “

Matrix 4 opens in theaters on December 22. Will the leaked spoilers come true or are they just a fabrication? At the moment we can take the information as rumor.

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