Matteo Garrone awarded in Venice. Career of the author of “I am Captain”

Actor, director, producer, writer, screenwriter, set designer, costume designer. Matteo Garrone – this is Italian excellence in the panorama of international cinema. After GomorrahGreat hopes were attached to his name in the international context. Expectations that the director did not disappoint, winning some of the most important awards in world cinema: 6 David Donatello4 Silver ribbons and 2 European Film Awards.

And here’s a prestigious one Silver Lion from Venice Film Festival With I’m the captainThe film tells the story of the odyssey of two Senegalese boys as they try to reach Europe, braving the dangers of the desert, the horrors of detention centers in Libya and the dangers of the sea.

“I am the captain”, Garrone’s new film in the hell of Libya


Matteo Garrone was born on October 15, 1968 in Rome (Italy). His family already frequents the entertainment world: his mother is a photographer and his father is a theater critic.

Passion for tennis and drawing

During his school years, Matteo played tennis with good results, but a serious injury forced him to retire from the racket. He graduated from art school in 1986 and worked as a camera assistant for several years before devoting himself to his great passion: painting.

Cecherini and Papaleo: “Hours of makeup, even nails, to become the Cat and the Fox”

Short film “Silhouette”.

In 1996, he made his first short film. Silhouette, a journey back to the days of Nigerian prostitutes on the outskirts of Rome. Work wins Sacher Festival organized Nanni Moretti.

First feature film

The following year he tried to make the feature film Terra di mezzo, which won an award at the festival. Cinemagiovani in Turin. The film is divided into three separate episodes, which tell the story of the marginalization of some foreigners who immigrated to Italy.

Matteo Garrone, director of Christian Dior


That same year, he went to New York to film a documentary. Welcome Holy Spirit. In 1998, he collaborated with Massimo Gaudioso and Fabio Nunziata to make a short film. Case of force majeure and devoted himself to the independent production of the documentary “Oreste Pipolo”, a wedding photographer and a second feature film. Guests.

An original way to make movies

“The Guests” is entirely consistent with his view of film as an art and an industry: a very small team of very dedicated people, more and more a “family”; direct contact with reality, both visual and auditory; personal use of production logistics with the possibility of, for example, returning to set and filming. His way of making films is unlike anyone else. This is a unique event that is closely watched by festivals and production companies.

Berlinale, Roberto Benigni as Pinocchio: “Working with Garrone made my heart beat faster”

Third film: “Roman Summer”

In 2000, at the Venice Film Festival, in the “Modern Cinema” section, the director presented his third film – Roman summer: A fictional story told in documentary style about real survivors of the Roman avant-garde of the 1970s. Garrone is often also the cinematographer, “to be able to capture those gestures, those movements that the actors make that they may never do again. Moments, unique moments that you should be able to capture through your sensitivity.”


In 2002 with embalmer, also presented at Cannes, the production logic involved in making the film changes for Garrone: the director finally has the resources of Domenico Procacci’s Fandango at his disposal, but his personal approach does not change. The reality of noir is experienced and presented with the feeling of a true documentarian or photographer, always ready to capture the right moment.

The true story of the friendship between taxidermist Peppino and Valerio, intertwined with the sudden romantic connection between the latter and Deborah, is an occasion to once again explore the human psyche. The Embalmer wins the David di Donatello Award for Best Screenplay.

Pinocchio is first at the box office during Christmas week – Scene with the nose

Films about initiation: ‘First Love’

Published in 2003 First lovescenario with Massimo Gaudioso and with a writer from Vicenza Vitaliano Trevisan (the latter is also the main character). The film explores the theme of destructive love between Vittorio, an analyst obsessed with very thin women, and Sonia, a young girl who is willing to lose weight for his love. There are only two lovers in the cast, played by Vitaliano Trevisan and Michela Sesconfor maximum substance and freshness.

“Gomorrah” and “Tale of Tales” were released

In 2008, he devoted himself to revising the bestseller. GomorrahFrom Roberto Savianowith which he won the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival, as well as several David di Donatellos and the approval of the general public.

In 2012, he achieved another big success with Reality presented at Cannes 2012: the story of a fishmonger who auditions for and becomes obsessed with the reality show Big Brother.

In 2015 he leads Salma Hayek AND Vincent Cassel in fantasy Tale of Tales – Tale of Tales, at the competition in Cannes. The film, a magnificent baroque fantasy fresco, is an adaptation of a collection of fairy tales. Lo cunto de li cunti From Giambattista Basilepublished posthumously between 1634 and 1636. It won seven David di Donatello awards, including Best Director.

“Tale of Tales” won at the TrailersFilmFest festival

“Dog Man” and “Pinocchio”

Three years later, again in Cannes, he took part in the competition. dog manbased on a story about Canaro della Magliana. Lead Actor, Marcello Fonte, receives the award for best male performance.

“Dog Man”, film by Matteo Garrone – clip: Marcello and the Great Dane

He returns to the cinema at Christmas 2019 with the film he has dreamed of his whole life: Pinocchioin which, among other things, he played Roberto Benigni, Massimo Ceccherini AND Rocco Papaleo.

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