Mattia, the hero who saved the little girl, is an example of the Italian spirit

He grabbed her on the fly and carried her to certain death. He Mattia Aguzzi, 37 years old, she is a 5-year-old girl who, for fun and a challenge, who knows, the other day decides to lean out of the window on the fifth floor of the area on the outskirts of Turin, where she lives with her mother and father. It’s only a matter of moments, she loses her balance, slides off the ledge with her small legs and clings to it only with the strength of her hands. At this very moment, Mattia walks by, he left the house to go shopping with his girlfriend, he hears screams: these are not the screams of a child who may not even realize what mortal danger she is in. These are the cries of the tenant who saw the little girl on the ledge of the house on Via Nizza. This is the moment, the little girl falls into the void and Mattia takes a position that could be a flight path, he closes his eyes, hoping everything will go well: “I tried to imagine a point where he could fall, and I positioned myself there: in my mind I carved the image of a little girl with her hands up, trying to hold on. But then the weight pulled her down.” He blocks her, softening the blow, and they both fall to the ground, the little body seems to show no signs of life, but finally, when the little girl begins to cry, everyone breathes a sigh of relief: “There was no time to think. I spread my arms and hoped to catch her. Eventually it bounced off my chest and I pinned it to the ground for a moment. But the blow was strong and we both fell down.” She was taken to the Regina Margarita Children’s Hospital, she did not suffer any obvious injuries, but for safety reasons she was admitted to the hospital for observation. Everything is fine with her, her parents are in shock: at the moment of the close tragedy, they would not have noticed anything, but someone there managed to soften the fall of the girl to the ground with her body. At a time when the news is always more negative than positive, in a world where evil “pulls”, we think it’s right to sometimes go against the flow, speaking about the good: the news of Mattia Aguzzi, an office worker born in Mondovi, was an extraordinary gesture and a precious heroism, even if he is a little shy: “I did everything like that, I tried to do what needed to be done” and laughs it off: “Anyway, now they won’t tell me anymore that it’s better if I lose weight a little!”.

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