Maturation 2023, The Night Before Exams is still the most listened to song by high school graduates

From the night before the exam by Antonello Venditti A gossip passing through menskin crazy music by Marco Mengoni and Elodie, Ashes of shame, flowers E by Miley Cyrus best years of our lives By Renato Zero, Here Are the Symbolic Songs of 2023’s Maturity

Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with entertainment news conducted a survey to learn about the musical tastes of 2023 high school graduates and the artists who were with them during one of life’s most exciting, important and unforgettable times. The portal conducted a research on 1000 students.

Maturation 2023, what students listen

According to what came out, the night before the exam The song by Antonello Venditti is a symbol of maturity, despite the fact that almost forty years have passed since its release, in second place. we are the champions Queen’s and for the Bronze Medal best years of our lives by Renato Zero.

Top 3 Songs Symbolizing Maturity:

  1. the night before the exam by Antonello Venditti
  2. we are the champions queen’s
  3. our best years Life of Renato Zero


Maturity, VIP, vote of singers and actors, from Noemi to Chiara Ferragni then asked final year students about their favorite songs from recent releases, with Nuclear Tactical Penguin standing out. steal my nightjust after hoe by Tedua with Sfera Ebbasta. Plus there are some summer catchphrases in the top 10, like crazy music by Marco Mengoni and Elodie, Strawberries by Achille Lauro and Rose Willen, my love by Annalisa E we’ll think about it tomorrow by Angelina Mango.

Favorite Hits of Recently Released Songs:

  1. steal my night nuclear tactical penguin
  2. hoe by Tedua with Sfera Ebbasta
  3. my love by Annalisa
  4. we’ll think about it tomorrow by Angelina Mango
  5. lightning rods Hernia and Fabry Fibra
  6. disco heaven by Fedez, Article 31 and Annalisa
  7. we don’t fight anymore by Rocco Hunt
  8. crazy music by Marco Mengoni and Elodie
  9. Strawberries by Achille Laroche and Rose Willen
  10. Hooray! by Gianni Morandi and Jovanotti


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Finally, the portal also asked the students for their favorite songs from songs published in the last few months, with Nuclear Tactical Penguin again in first place. young wannabes, 2nd place with Lazza ash and Two other songs from the 73rd edition of the Sanremo Festival also charted: made in Italy E by Rosa Chemical super heroes by Mr. Rain. with manskin in the top 10 gossip,

Favorite Hits released in the last few months:

  1. young wannabes nuclear tactical penguin
  2. Ashes of shame
  3. Chiagne Lazza and Geolier’s
  4. little joy by Blanco and Mina
  5. bloody mary by lady gaga
  6. made in Italy by Rosa Chemical
  7. super heroes by mr rain
  8. Envy Finesse, by Sphera Abbasta, Shiva and Guay
  9. flowers by Miley Cyrus
  10. gossip maneskin’s
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