Maturity and experience in the service of Polonnara, Virtus Bologna

Between infinite sliding doors sometimes it happens to meet again: this is what happened once again between Virtus and Akile Polonara and since it falls under the best of circumstances, with the winds favoring a common desire, marriage Even more happy. Together with Pazzola he will complete the Ancona army of the group, mature and experienced, enough to hold the bar with a sure hand in all competitions, within the loss of a season with a strong imbalance of forces between Italy and Europe. Vitoria, Double Istanbul and Kaunas are the main continental stages that have seen the career of this 203 cm power forward, born in ’91, vibrate, behind which he already has 4 seasons in the Euroleague, as well as 6 in other European competitions And the blue shirts are 72. , A long journey that Stamura started with Ancona, just like Pazzola, and that led him to his first transfer at the age of 15 to Teramo, where he made his debut in the top flight. Among the most admired traveling companions, special mention is made of Toco Shengalia, who has been defined as the player who influenced him the most during his time at Baskonia. If Travis Scott can never be missing from his music playlist, whose song “Butterfly Effect” he particularly likes, then No. 33 on Tank Top is especially welcome, given its tribute to the eternal Larry Bird and Scottie Pippen. has been selected for. Nicknamed “the Polonaire”, his career as a globetrotter has not affected the strong family bond with his mother Daniela and father Domenico, whose wrists bear the small letters ‘Dani’ (Daniela) and ‘Novi’ (Novalo, whose father is the surname of) is marked. always called).


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