Mauricio Pochettino greeted Maxi Rodríguez for his farewell: “An idol and a reference are leaving”

PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino greeted Maximiliano Rodríguez from Paris hours after the farewell to professional football of Maximiliano Rodríguez: “An idol and a reference are leaving”said Lionel Messi’s current coach.

The 91/92 season champion with Rojinegro sent an affectionate greeting to the one who was crowned in 2013 with Leprosy: “I want to send a big hug to Maxi, we have shared a dressing room at Espanyol. An idol and a reference are leaving. And a big kiss to the people of Leprosy ”.

Despite the age difference, They both met for just one year at Espanyol in 2004. La Fiera made his first experience in Europe when he left Newell’s in 2002 and Pochettino returned to the parakeet team two years later, after his first move from 94 to 2000.

Pochettino made his new experience from 2004 to 2009, the year in which he went from being a player to coach of the Catalan team. However, Maxi had already been transferred in 2005 to Atlético de Madrid to continue his brilliant European career.

Already in 2017, Maxi had given his shirt to the Murphy-born, when he was still coaching Tottenham. (@Newells)

The Newell’s school, which has spread its football around the world, gave its fans a caress in the face of the feeling of sadness that the farewell of one of its greatest idols, such as Maxi Rodríguez, will generate in the next few hours.

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