Mauro Corona, how much does he earn in each episode of Bianca’s Charter? Pay

Mauro Corona he is certainly one of the most famous writers of recent years. He was born in 1950 and became interested in art from a young age. mountain life, follow your father in his explorations. But, apparently, his grandfather is introducing him to this. readinghaving found a specific connection with authors of the caliber of e.g. Tolstoy AND Dostoevsky.

The beginning of his career

However, over the years his interests turned towardsrock climbing and therefore climbs numerous peaks, including Oltrepiave Dolomites.

However, this activity, of course, does not distract him from passion for writingconsidering that soon after, he published several books that also received international recognition.

So, there are currently many Crown securities which stood out and gave him great satisfaction.

It would be inappropriate now to dwell on all the books that have had good success, but at least we can list a few of them.

For example, let’s note Voices of the Forest, Snow stories, In the wall, Like a stone in a stream, and so on. Moreover, subsequently Crown also received prestigious awards, including Campiello Award for Choice, Environmental Award 2016, Literary Prize La Tore Elba Islandand more.

Compensation to Mauro Corona

Anyway, Crown he’s always on the alert, and now he really has Instagram profile definitely appreciated, which at the time of writing boasts, to be precise, 184 thousand subscribers who follow him with love and affection.

In addition, the famous writer and mountaineer gradually became more and more known to the general public also thanks to his participation as a commentator in White paperlong-running political talk show hosted by a journalist Bianca Berlinguer.

Therefore, in this television program for several years now Crown holding one The address book in which he gives a sort of introduction to the program.

And at this point, some may also ask what they have. compensation for these investments. Well, let’s put it this way CrownHe, apparently, did not make a secret of this; on the contrary, he himself stated it openly. In fact, it seems like every episode Mauro Corona even perceive 500 Euro.

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