Mauro Icardi did not want to have intimate relations with La China Suárez “because he did not want to infect her”

Yanina Latorre stated in THE M that La China Suárez and Mauro Icardi They did not have intimate relations, even though they met in a hotel room in Paris. And that the meeting did not happen to adults since the footballer would have backed down, “because I did not want to infect it”.

The version, read by the little angel live, indicates that the Paris Saint-Germain player He approached the hotel where I was waiting for him the actress, after he was a substitute in the game his team played. But that he got there with a few lines of fever, which caused him concern that he could be incubating a possible case of coronavirus.

Scoop of THE M, what Mauro Icardi he told the PSG players in the locker room. I am ashamed to read it. I’m ashamed because it’s bullshit. He is an idiot“, said Yanina about the version he gave Wanda Nara’s husband.

Mauro Icardi did not want to “infect” La China Suárez

He said they only kissed because the idiot, according to the petisero (referring to Zaira Nara’s husband, who covered Icardi in their meeting), I had a fever. They only kissed because the idiot, that is Icardi, I had a fever. I then cross-examine Wanda because one with the same fever… If you have covid and you kiss, you will have the same time. It would feel bad bodily. I asked Wanda if he kissed her then and not … “, explained Tower without needing to complete the sentence.

The little angel said that Wanda “He answers’ impossible. The gil was flying with a fever and could not go, but since she was already in the hotel, she was the same as the hotel, he saw her and nothing more than a kiss happened. ‘ This is the version of Icardi”.

Wanda got hot because Icardi He told her that he went to the hotel because she was already there so as not to plant it. That’s why Wanda stayed hot. This all happens because Icardi it’s stupid“, Hill Yanina.

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