Max Giusti debuts on Rai2 with “Fake show”

From September 18 in prime time a program about imitators

Max Giusti, Posato, Paradise 2023

Juzy Cascio
September 18, 2023 at 08:09

After touring Italy this summer with the show “A tutto Max”, now Max Giusti returns to television. From September 18 will be the main character “Fake Show” in prime time on Rai2.

Max, is this “fake news” or true?
“Everything is between truth and plausibility. This is a unique, Italian, new and original show: it is written by me and other authors.”

How was it born?
“For two or three years, Endemol Shine Italy said to me: “Why don’t we make a program about copycats?” In fact, this is not just the transmission of imitations. In fact, it will be difficult to understand whether the character in front of you is genuine or not. We’ll play with everything that’s fake, fake, fake.”

Will there be competitors?
“No. Guests will come who will find themselves in some unrealistic situations and they will have to live without being themselves.”

An example to better understand?
“Guests will find themselves on Fornelli’s Nightmare with a host they don’t know, whether it’s the real Antonino Cannavacciuolo or someone imitating him.”

Are the guests arriving?
“In the first episode we will have Shakira, Filippo Bisciglia, PanPers, Rossella Brescia, Zucchero, Peppe Yodice, Renato Zero, Francesca Manzini, Valeria Graci, Claudio Lauretta, Vincenzo De Lucia.”

The real Shakira?
“Maybe someone you expect to lie is the truth, and vice versa (laughs)”.

What are your favorite imitations?
“Claudio Lotito, President of Lazio: I “fell in love” with him while watching La Domenica Sportiva. And, of course, Cristiano Malgioglio: he always made me laugh because he was out of place.”

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