Max Giusti “Guessing who’s real and who’s not… will be a lot of fun!”

He tells us a preview of “Fake Show”, a new program dedicated to copycats (and others) that has been airing on Rai2 since September 18th.

Barbara Mosconi
August 21, 2023, 12:08 pm

Max Giusti next to the show”Everything Max”, in forced stages, he moves between Calabria, Apulia and Lazio, but for now squares and beaches. Then, from mid-September, he will again appear on television with a completely new, very fake or very true, depending on the points of view, program.

Max, from September 18, five evenings on Raidue will host “Fake Show”: “fake news” or the truth?
“It’s all between real and believable.”

“There is a unique, new and original program, it’s not an international format, but it was written in Italy by me and other authors of Endemol.”

How was this performance born?
“What a challenge. For two or three years, Endemol Shine Italy told me: “Why don’t we do a copycat program?”

Why didn’t he do it?
“Because I couldn’t find an idea.”

How did you find it?
“Thinking through the program is not only imitators.

We wrote it in March, filmed the pilot, and Rai told us, ‘Let’s just start the season with a fun new one.'”

Subtitle: “Beware of imitations.”
“Because it will be difficult to know if you have an authentic character in front of you or not. This is a program that wants to play with everything “fake”, fake, tarot.”

Who are the competitors?
“There are no competitors, no teams, no winner. Guests will come who will be thrown into some unreal situations, and they will have to live without being themselves.

An example to understand something?
“Thanks to artificial intelligence, guests will find themselves in the Fornelli da incubo program with a conductor they don’t know if it’s the real Antonino Cannavacciuolo or someone who imitates him. There will be “Domenica in” with Mara Venier, “The Record Show” with Jerry Scotty, all the most famous TV programs and films in the history of cinema.”

More entertainment?
“At a certain point, the guests will sing a song based on the images they see, if Vasco is there, they will sing like Vasco, then there will be Ligabu, and then like him, or like Vanoni or the Bee Gees.”

Are guests arriving?
“In the first episode we will have Shakira, Filippo Bisiglia, the Panpers, Rossella Brescia, Zucchero, Peppe Jodice, Renato Zero, Francesca Manzini, Valeria Graci, Claudio Lauretta, Vincenzo De Lucia.”

The real Shakira “of course”…
“Perhaps someone you expect from a lie is the truth, and vice versa.”

Will you play with guests or will you be a “good host”?
“I was only a good presenter in the early days of Affari Tuoi, when I was younger and intimidated, but on Boom!” and “Guess my age” I always gave my share. I cannot receive a guest and not enjoy it.”

From your experience, how can you become a worthy imitator?
“I had two periods. First, when I started as a child, and I liked to imitate Gigi Sabani. Then I got tired, and the years of “Quelli che il calcio” with Simona Ventura came: there the character became a parody halfway between you and the one what you imagined.”

early calling.
“I imitated professors, friends of the district. When I went on vacation since I was the only child to look for new friends, I spoke the local dialect, I can imitate them all.

The first serious imitation?
Diego Abatantuono. At the age of 13, I spoke like him for a year, I was unbearable, I could not stop: “I know a strange animal”, “I know the type of exception.” Even today, every time I see him, I shout: “Maronna, what power!”

How many parodies did he come up with?
“More than 50, counting only ten years of “Quelli che…”. Then there are all the radio made, simulated and fictional characters. But in live performances, I only do encore parodies.”

Claudio Lotito stands out among his strengths.
“One evening I was watching La Domenica Sportiva, at some point the conductor Marco Mazzocchi raised his hands and said to Lotito: “Enough, enough, it’s time to stop!”.

The next day at “Monday Judgment”, Aldo Biscardi replies: “Enough Lotito, you can’t always speak for yourself!”. So I call Simone Ventura and tell her that the new president of Lazio needs to be put on the show.”

His version of Cristiano Malgioglio is empty.
“I was wondering: “How does someone who puts D instead of T make a TV?”. His irrelevance always made me laugh a lot. It’s my fault that today we have 40 imitators of Malgioglio … “.

Classic repertoire.
“Sometimes I have Stockholm Syndrome, I get attached to it, but I never wanted to have a direct relationship with the characters I imitate, otherwise they would later want to be painted in their own way. Freedom is too beautiful.”

Who did you like the most?
“One of those who made me feel alive by making a parody of him was entrepreneur Stefano Ricucci, at a certain point I felt like a real Ricucci.

One day I saw him in a restaurant in Milan, went up to him and introduced myself: “I’m not kidding, but I’ve been working on you for months.” He was very kind.”

And with fakes and “fake news”, however, how are things going?
“Ah, if that were the case, according to the headlines on some websites, I have died at least four times in the last year!”

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