may reappear after Doctor Strange 2

Anson Mount played Black Bolt in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as a member of the Illuminati. But could he reappear in the MCU? According to the actor, everything is possible.

enlighten yourself accompanied – albeit briefly – an important scene Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness and shows how different universes can actually intertwine. In continuation Doctor Strange The Illuminati has a rather short but intense role, and some time after the film’s release, one of the actors in the cast broke a spear in their favour. come back in the current MCU (more precisely, its future version). The actor in question Anson Mountwhich he played Black Thunder (Black arrow) on the big screen.

Anson Mount will return as Black Bolt after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Black Bolt’s fate quickly came to a close with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a movie that featured the Illuminati and featured well-known and other unpublished characters. For example Hayley Atwell he could interpret in the flesh Captain Carteralready appeared in Animated series What if. However, the actress doesn’t have positive memories of her experience on Doctor Strange 2 and said she had more fun in What If. For his part, Anson Mount played Black Bolt and on the microphones Radio Times he was asked if there was a place for him in the current MCU. The actor neither confirmed nor denied, thus leaving the door open.

If the answer was yes, I couldn’t tell you, but the answer is no, so I can tell. I’ve had a few informal conversations with the upper echelons of Marvel, and it’s just a conversation, but at the moment they’re busy with their current phase. I am not sure, let see what will happen. I would love to go back there and do it again. I like the character Black Bolt.

The Marvel Universe is currently busy Stage 5 whose beating heart multiverse, so it would be even easier for the MCU to introduce characters like the Illuminati, even offering variations on them. In Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness, Black Bolt, like the rest of the Illuminati team, suffered a terrible fate. Scarlet Witch. These may be minor additions given that the studio currently has other characters to focus on and explore at all times. Multiverse Saga. But Anson Mount, in a statement, clarified that they are “at the moment” in this phase, so can they bring him in for the next one?

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