Mayor of Vallarta is preparing for COVID-19… with 500 pits, and double


While the governments of the world are prepared with mechanical ventilators, medical supplies and upgrading of hospitals to address the pandemic and save the greatest number of lives, Arturo Davalos, municipal president of Puerto Vallarta, is preparing for the contingency with 500 graves double that commanded to dig in the cemetery to the municipality to which the coronavirus not the grip “unsuspecting”.

“Through A Municipal utility, we are working on the pantheons, and, God forbid, touch wood and all, but we don’t want to grip it unprepared, we are doing 500 graves double in the pantheons of the municipality. God forbid, but we must prepare ourselves, I hope not to pass over this,” he said during a session of city Council.

The number of pits is even greater than that of hospital beds, because there are only 466 for hospitalization, 133 for emergency services, 42 for intensive therapy and have 78 fans.

In spite of this, not raised to increase the number of those spaces, though commanded to make a census to see how many beds there are to tend to the sick by the contingency.

Although there is currently no hurricane or flood hazard, and reiterated the need to stay at home, proposed the enabling of seven temporary shelters for 699 people.

Clarified that it believes that this ability for each person is 3.5 meters of distance one from the other. And if you need more shelter, they can enable the convention center.

He recalled that during the nights out crews to sanitize public spaces, on all benches and phones.

Davalos noted that it takes care that the business comply with the preventive measures and that will enable even the tianguis, always and when there is hygiene.

Announced that look for a bag of 20 million pesos to ensure food seven thousand 500 families, for which also reduce their salary by 50%; and the directors and councilors, 20 per cent.

In case of being necessary, request the Congress of the State, part of the loan that you asked for 150 million pesos for works, to be allocated to the contingency.

“People understand that you should not walk in the street if you don’t have to do anything, organize themselves within their houses and leave alone a person to to buy groceries or to the pharmacy”.



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