Mayra Rojas believes that a love affair caused cancer in her sister Lorena


The actress decided to share what she considers caused the disease that took her life

Lorena Rojas, an actress who won the affection and recognition of the public thanks to her participation in various soap operas, lost the battle against cancer in 2015, and although her death caused great pain in her sister, she decided to share what she considered caused the disease that took her life.

It was during an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda that Mayra Rojas recalled one of the most complicated stages of her life and that of her entire family.

” My sister and we all suffered from cancer for nine years, it started in the breast, then they discharged her, we jumped with pleasure and it was a bit complicated because the doctors in Miami did not give her the real diagnosis and they had to wait, we went through a stage one to one stage three overnight. Because the cancer had invaded her lymph nodes and the doctor had not removed her lymph nodes, “she said.

The actress of ‘Como tú no hay 2’ said she was convinced that the cause of her sister’s illness was an emotional problem, which came after a love relationship that she could not overcome: “ After so many years of studying the cancer, it gives to speak of cancer, to fight with him that cancer is merely emotional, cancer occurs due to emotional dysfunctions in the human being. They can tell me that because you eat badly, why you smoke… It’s an emotional roll. ”


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Although she refused to share the name of the person with whom Lorena was deeply in love, she recalled that shortly after their relationship ended, cancer was detected:

“Lorena first had a brutal love disappointment, I can’t say the name. She went with Araiza (Armando), with Ari Telch, she married another friend, Lorena had several romances, but she had one saved that, despite the fact that these happened, from there she could not move and died loving this friend. They detected breast cancer after eight months that thundered with it. The oncologist told her that she had to treat her love illness with therapy, but Lorena said she didn’t need it, “she said.

However, another terrible episode completely devastated the actress, as one of her best friends lost her life at her home in Miami.

“ Then she got bone cancer and it was detected six months after her best friend died at her home (in Lorena), in Miami, while she was here in Mexico recording, that she also died of a love affair, she crossed paths of pussy and found her dead in her house. ”

Finally, she shared that, after the breakup and the death of her friend, Lorena received another strong blow, losing her home when her daughter, the baby she had just adopted, was given to her.

” But when Lorena lost her house I think it was the final thrust because at eight months my sister had liver metastases, so well she lost the house in Miami and Luciana had little to have come into her life, ” she commented.