Mazzocchi, from vegetable vendor to full-back that Juve adores

Turin – Juve chases on the right wing pasquale mazzocchiborn in ’95, a full-back from Salernitana who is considered talisman Between promotions (four, with Parma from D to A, then one with Venice) and miraculous deliverance, as with Campania. Let’s try to know her better…


Pasquale (called Paco) Mazzocchi was born in Barra, a difficult district of Naples. At the age of 12, he started working as a vegetable vendor after school to bring home some money. So he comes to training tired and his coach, Giuseppe Araimo, asks him why. After learning the salary they pay him, he tells him: “Starting tomorrow is enough, I’ll give you the same amount for every goal.” Araimo is a second father to Pascale, and the Barra district remains at his heart. He comes back as soon as possible, especially when there is a festival of lilies. «In my neighborhood you enter circles and there is always talk of this party fishing boats. I belong to Vishwa Paranja and I am proud of it».


A year ago he married, after 10 years of engagement, Tonia La Magna, he has a labrador and loves simple things: going shopping with his wife, relaxing at home, watching a movie on the couch, walking your big dog. In interviews he always thanks the parents who have supported him throughout his long apprenticeship.


The Mazzocchi family is very religious. Pasquale and Tonia met in a Dominican youth movement that they both joined. On New Year’s Eve 2020, the full-back posted his new tattoo on social media, the face of Jesus with a crown of thorns on his forehead that covers his entire back. The message next to the picture reads, “May this 2020 bring us lots of happiness.”


Tattooing is a real passion for Mazzocchi, who has covered his body with tattoos. Not only the face of Jesus: on the left knee he stamped the number 7, on the hand the word Passion, on the left pectoral, just above the heart, the face of a close friend who died at the age of 9 from meningitis, on the right pectoral two cherubs On, and in the centre, the height of the sternum, a cross in the negative, with black and shaded outlines that make it appear glossy. But that’s not all: Image of actor Will Smith on left leg, an adult hugging a boy, a speech bubble with a long message on left shin, six bingo numbers on rib, an owl, a dog, a lion , some warriors, a black diamond, some flowers, other female and male faces, the date of salvation with Salernitana (22-5-222) with the percentage of bookmakers, 7%.

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