Mcit the identification of 250 Hoaks-associated Corona Virus, here is a list of


2. Video of the evacuation of the patients Covid-19 in PGC

The dissemination of the Videos on social media showed an ambulance, allegedly, the middle of the transportation of patients Covid-19. In fact, according to the Property Manager PGC Jumowo Josafat, such information hoaks.

3. Ahok Positive Virus Infected Corona

Outstanding narrative in social media, Ahok (Basuki Tjahaja Purnama) is rumored to be positive Covid-19 infected. In fact, such claims are unfounded.

Ahok is still day as usual. Ahok, instead of the upload of a complaint in connection with the separation of the self in the center of the circulation of the virus corona.

4. Lion Air flight attendant Positive Covid-19 in the CLINIC-Nisa Tangerang

Also excellent information with the above-mentioned title. This information is refuted by the management of RS-Nisa by their Instagram official. The HOSPITAL called, not of the care for the patient positive Covid-19. send a statement of Corpcom Strategic Lion Air, Danang Mandala Prihantoro, that no flight attendant Lion Air confirmed a positive Covid-19.

5. Patients with a Positive Corona in RSUD Kajen Pekalongan

The above-mentioned information via WhatsApp that the inhabitants of the village of Kulu, Karanganyar, Pekalongan positive Covid-19 were treated in RSUD Kajen Pekalongan Regency.

Such information hoaks and was refuted by the RSUD Kajen.