MCU: Elizabeth Olsen talks about the return of the Scarlet Witch

The star of Wanda Vision Elizabeth Olsen hinted that her character might return during a recent convention appearance.

Speaking at Comfest Con 2023, a fan asked her what she would like from another appearance by Scarlet Witch. In a video captured by a fan named Jacqui on Instagram Live, Olsen said she couldn’t reveal her greatest wishes because the upper echelons of the Marvel they listen to the suggestions of the actors. (H/t Agents of Fandom for finding the video) So while that’s interesting news in its own right. Many people will have their eyebrows raised by the actress mentioning spoilers.

The Marvel actress has been out of the spotlight in this franchise since her ‘disappearance’ in the latest Marvel film. Doctor Strange. But many fans refuse to believe that Wanda is really dead. (Even Kevin Feige can’t help but imply that the Scarlet Witch has never been seen dead on screen). It seems her eventual reunion with the public and her boys will be too hard to ignore.

“Well, honestly, if I told you exactly what I would like, I think I’d spoil something for you,” Olsen revealed. “Why Kevin Feige he sincerely asks us what we want to do with the character. And then she does. So, I think what… I don’t know if I can share. I just want to go back.”

What would a Scarlet Witch return look like?

Not long ago, the star of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness spoke to Variety about her hopes and dreams for Wanda Maximoff. It is interesting to note that Kevin Feige he was sitting right next to her during that conversation. The actress said something similar to what the crowd heard at Comfest Con. Basically, if Scarlet Witch returns, it would be nice if he could somehow redeem himself after endangering the entire multiverse in his quest to reunite his family. However, for now, there are still weekly threads about what actually happened as Mount Wundagore appeared to collapse.

“Wanda is heading, hopefully, to some sort of redemption. I don’t think any of these characters ever really disappeared. Especially if you introduce the Multiverse to multiply all our bodies and other universes. One thing that the role of Wanda has taught me over many years is how many things and opportunities you can do with just one character. It’s kind of like breaking the feeling of limitation of being with one character for so long and keep changing the narrative of how this character is used to tell the story. This opens up some sort of thinking about how we can approach character and storytelling in inspiring ways, she hopefully.”

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