MCU Phase 7 Becomes Mutant Saga in Fan-Proposed Movie Plan

The Mutant Saga could be the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the Multiverse Saga, as suggested by M14H in a TikTok video. Marvel Studios has already introduced some mutants, and the addition of the X-Men will allow them to expand and update the franchise beyond the Avengers. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has hinted at using mutants in future plans, raising the possibility that “The Mutant Saga” is the direction they’re taking.

The Mutant Saga is revealed as the seventh phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a new artistic infographic that suggests to viewers what direction Marvel Studios should take after the Multiverse Saga. The MCU is still tackling the multiverse while Marvel Studios is trying to move past the Infinity Saga with several films and Disney+ shows focusing on new and familiar heroes. However, projects released during UCM phases 4 and 5 have received mixed critical and commercial reviews so far.

The Multiverse Saga hasn’t entered Phase 6 yet, but someone is already looking forward to what the MCU has to do in Phase 7. M14H in a new TikTok video suggested that the next arc should be the Mutant Saga, which will feature the MCU series . shows and films centered around X-Men characters. The line-up also includes hypothetical sequels to Fantastic Four, Marvel and Captain America, as well as a new Scarlet Witch project for Elizabeth Olsen, the seventh phase of which will take place as follows:

Because the seventh phase will be the natural time to create the “Mutant Saga” after the “Multiverse Saga”.

The idea of ​​creating a “Mutant Saga” immediately after the “Multiverse Saga” came at an opportune time, given the conditions of the MCU. While the MCU is still profitable and popular, there’s no denying that the hype died down a bit after the Infinity Saga as Marvel Studios began focusing on the next generation of the franchise. With the pandemic and strikes continuing in Hollywood, the Multiverse Saga is trying to gain momentum, and now may be the right time for Marvel Studios to consider whether it’s time for more significant changes.

Since the MCU has already begun introducing a number of mutants, the Mutant Saga will be an organic direction for Marvel Studios to begin developing another side of the franchise. The X-Men’s appearance in the MCU has been an exciting prospect for years, especially since the rights reverted to Marvel Studios when Disney acquired 20th Century Fox. Seeing how the MCU handles the X-Men could be the breath of fresh air that Marvel Studios is looking for, without the Avengers being the sole focus of this continuity.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige even said at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con that they are definitely planning on using mutants, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the next direction they go in is “The Mutant Saga.” With an almost endless number of characters available, it will be interesting to see how the X-Men fit into the MCU on television and film. Hopefully, Marvel Cinematic Universe viewers will get more details about the future of the X-Men sooner rather than later.

Source: M14H/TikTok

Key release dates:

– Miracles: November 10, 2023
– Deadpool 3: May 3, 2024
– Captain America: Brave New World: May 3, 2024
– Marvel’s Thunderbolts: December 20, 2024
– Blade (2025): February 14, 2025
– Marvel’s Fantastic Four: May 2, 2025
– Avengers: Kang Dynasty: May 1, 2026
– Avengers: Secret Wars: May 1, 2027

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