MCU, Spider-Man’s cast change? Latest news surprise everyone

In the sights of Marvel, an outstanding actor. Possible spectacular return in the new Avengers: Secret Wars movie

Marvel Universe gave cinematography real gems for the public, passionate about the comic genre.

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After closing the first chapter and saying goodbye to such historical heroes as Iron Man and Captain America Speculation about what could happen in future feature films is on the rise. Stunning “gossip” concerns a reprise of the role of the mutant Wolverine by his iconic interpreter: Hugh Jackman. Maybe even in Avengers: Secret Wars. The film will be the grand finale of the Marvel epic.

Fans are going crazy at the thought that another beloved actor could appear on the screens. This is Andrew Garfield. This is sensational news as he will be wearing Spider-Man’s outfit. So what will be Tom Holland?

Spider-Man: What’s the truth about Andrew Garfield’s reprise role in ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’

Garfield played a superhero Peter Parker in two chapters “The Incredible Spiderman” directed by Mark Webb. Holland, instead, he lent his face to the same character in the most recent Marvel films.

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The source of this cinematic rumor is a trusted social account. @CanWeGetToast. The profile is also associated with My time to shine hello. As noted, Kevin Feige mastermind behind the scenes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have already made contact with Andrew Garfield. Their deals were made even before the controversial SAG-AFTRA Hollywood strike. Apparently Garfield could reprise his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars, in a crossover that promises great emotions. This is a kind of “copy” of the DCU that happened to the character Batman in The Flash (Michael Keaton, in fact, he reprized his iconic role alongside other co-stars such as Ben Affleck and George Clooney)?

This isn’t the first time Andrew Garfield has returned to the spotlight as Spider-Man. Surprise took part in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The fans went crazy. Do you want to make them happy again?

Of course, it goes without saying that games are yet to be made, and the information provided so far is just speculation. Still can change especially considering that the film Avengers: Secret Wars will not see the light of day until 2027.

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However, there is no doubt that the cinematic future of the MCU is full of potential and surprises. Viewers who have been following the unfolding storyline for decades will have a long and suspenseful wait.

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