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Neelam Gill

Gossip about alleged relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio

British model Neelam Gill has had to deal with rumors of an alleged relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. However, in the past few hours, Neelam decided to clarify, stating, “To clear up any rumors, I am not the new flame of Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, I’ve been in a serious relationship with one of his big friends for several months now. The only reason we were photographed together is because I was there with my partner. I hope this will dispel the fake news about us, ”said the model.

Although there are rumors that the famous Titanic star is dating famous supermodel Gigi Hadid, there is no official confirmation at the moment. Leonardo DiCaprio is known as one of Hollywood’s golden bachelors and has always maintained strict confidentiality regarding his personal life. Over the years, he has been romantically involved with several well-known actresses, which has piqued many’s curiosity about a possible new crush in his future.

In closing, Neelam Gill vehemently denied the romance rumors with DiCaprio, instead highlighting his current and serious relationship with one of his close friends. As gossip continues to circulate, the personal lives of famous people such as Leonardo DiCaprio will no doubt remain a subject of great admiration and public curiosity. However, until official statements are made, the world can only speculate about the amorous adventures of this charming star.

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