Meaning of Barbie Girl by Aqua: Not just a song…

1997 was a special year for all music. i in italy Jalees they conquered sanremo rivers of wordsSnatched tickets to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest won by the British in Dublin Katrina and the Waves, But what the world still didn’t know was that a few days later the real hit of that summer (and beyond) would come. straight from denmark on 14 May 1997comes on the radio barbie Girl Did Water which, whatever it appears to be, is anything but a nonsense song,

Musically Aqua perfectly embodies the trend that will dominate the end of the millennium: eurodance, Formed as Joyspeed, the name by which they began to be known at home, Aqua hit the international music market like a tidal wave. why already Barbie Girl It was a really catchy song, a summer catchphrase, but it also contained A deep meaning, which is often misunderstood, which we will try to analyze today,

aqua to barbie girl meaning

text of Barbie Girl it used to happen many times misunderstood, above all by the generalist press, one that prefers to scandal rather than deepen a concept. In fact, this piece has also been accused in recent times sexualization of the female figure, According to those who, in our opinion, understand little of the song’s lyrics, the song exhorts women to allow their men to touch and undress, as if they were objects of pleasure available to the male sex.

Indeed, analyzing the text, the song states otherwise, Despite trivial Eurodance sonorities, The Aquas dispute exactly what they have been accused of: the sexualized image of women in the media, The woman who accurately represented society’s standards of beauty (in the 90s as in today) blonde, tall and busty doll, An ideal of unrealistic perfection.

Barbie Girl Makes fun of Aqua to read the text again carefully Similarities Between Image of Woman and Barbie, There is a clear similarity in the title of the song itself, which links the word girl to the barbie doll. The text therefore criticizes a certain way of understanding women, and does not value it as some claim. Sure the dance style of the song can be misleading, but A careful reading of the text will be enough to understand that Aqua is not a hymn to frivolity., Do you still have doubts? Let’s analyze the lyrics of the song.

barbie girl text meaning

i am a barbie girl in barbie world
life in plastic, it’s fantastic
You can brush my hair, get me naked all over
imagination, life is your creation

The song begins with the iconic chorus sung by len nystrom, Who voices Barbie. There is already indirect criticism going on here. this sentence is about “Life in Plastic, It’s Glorious”who represents a very intelligent Similarities Between Barbie Doll Plastic and Plastic Surgery Which brings women closer to the beauty stereotypes imposed by the society.

I’m a blonde bimbo girl in a fantasy world
dress me up, dress me up, i’m your dolly
You’re my doll, rock and roll, feel the glam in pink
kiss me here, kiss me there, hanky-panky

We find another important criticism in the poem. The term “bimbo” is actually a slang term that describes an attractive but not very intelligent woman. Therefore the Barbie doll (and the woman who supports that stereotype of life) is criticized for its excessive focus on physical appearance rather than potential. a concept underpinned by the fact you can make it as you likeUnless the dress is too short and tight.

In the second half of the verse we hear the voices of rené dafeKane playing the role is also seen as a stereotype of the masculine man who “owns” the woman.

twirl me, talk to me, do whatever you want
I can act like a star, I can get down on my knees

The second verse emphasizes the concept of a woman being owned by a man. They say, here Barbie is not without obvious sexual connotations. Willing to bend over to please his Ken, Here too there is a critique (so to speak) of the concept of female stereotypes in the world of entertainment. “I can act like a star if you want, I can talk if you want, otherwise I’ll parade silently,

oh i’m having so much fun
Well, Barbie, we’re just getting started
oh i love you ken

In the outro, Kane proposes to do it again. Barbie accepts because she loves him. She is ready to be his love doll.

Lawsuit with Mattel doll maker

After the incredible success of the song, Mattel – the toy company that makes the Barbie doll – sued Aquus. According to the company, the band infringed on the Barbie trademark and associated the image of a children’s toy with something sexual., Notably, during the trial, the prosecution focused on the words “blonde bimbo” in the first verse. On the other hand, the defense argued that Mattel had grossly misinterpreted the text.

While the lawsuit was still pending, in late 1997, Mattel announced that it would Barbie’s body was changed for the third time in its history, The doll’s design would include wide hips and small breasts. In short, the song had stirred water (or rather water) somehow.

The case was officially closed in 2002, when A US judge ruled that the song’s lyrics were protected by free speech under the First Amendment., The judge dismissed the defamation counterclaim filed by Aqua’s record company. Reciting a sentence that has become legend, the judge said: “Both sides have been asked to calm down”,

Reinterpretations, remixes and the absence of the film Barbie

It seemed like a summer hit that would die out in the fall, in fact, it has become an iconic song. Barbie Girl by Aqua has pervaded the collective imagination of an entire generation, and remains one of the most recognizable hits to date, even after the definitive departure from the Europop sounds of the 2000s. There are various reinterpretations and versions of this song. One of the most interesting is the one made for the project postmodern jukeboxOne who takes the hits of the pop world and reintroduces them in version jazz,

Aqua E on June 9 Dj Tiesto The team formed to record the first remix of Barbie Girl. The idea came from the fact that Tiësto’s daughter loves the original song and listens to it over and over at home.

When Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie was announced, many people thought the song would be on the film’s soundtrack. however Strained relationship between the band and Mattel He ruined this dream. The Aqua track would not appear on the Barbie soundtrack. However, there is a great tribute to the song: in barbieworld – Of nicki minaj And ice masala, There is also an explicit sample of the chorus – present in the film. Barbie Girl,


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