Meanwhile, the politics continues “we are ready for class action”

Politics on Ricey do not give up and with each new chapter in the story all forces intervene. The Circolo Fratelli d’Italia Urbino – Duca Federico reiterates his opposition to the Ricey landfill project: “We are fortunate to have professionals and experts in various fields, including engineering applied to innovations – Coordinator Emanuela Pallicia – Technology Explains Engineer Adele Magna and Doctor Gustavo Mastrobuoni attracted the most attention and was related to a ‘waste management system in supercritical water’, potentially exemplary in areas of the Marche region. And was built in Italy but mainly abroad It was exploited, it is based on a chemical-physical process and allows the disposal of waste using only water at a temperature of 400 to 500 degrees and with a pressure of more than 200 bar.

“Like PD, Viva Urbino and Gruppo Misto, we need to take a step forward, having fulfilled what we promised in the last municipal council. There is a need to come together and give a mandate.” People of the public part, to present a request to withdraw the landfill construction project in Raisi because it is incompatible with the area and harmful to the local economy, block the project evaluation process and organize service conference – writes the Secretary Ducal Dame, Giorgio Ubaldi – If this were not the case, a ‘class action’ for direct and indirect environmental and economic damage would certainly remain viable.

“Like the Azione Pesaro-Urbino, we had already said before from the interview with Mr. Rossini, Marche Multiservi’s shareholders’ meeting and the subsequent statements of Chief Executive Officer Tiviroli. In fact, ‘will be landfilled’ is completely Contrary to the ‘no’ of all municipalities and of all political forces – I write from the provincial secretariat -. These conditions have further confirmed our belief that Marche Multiservi’s regime has entered a crisis. We are in the midst of a short The majority of the public sector and the private sector are facing the circuit”.

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