Measures to prevent and avoid hepatitis infection Grupo Milenio

this hepatitis This is a disease that can be transmitted by mouth, feces, sex and blood, so it is important to take preventive measures such as keeping Maintain hygiene and use preventive vaccines” said the expert doctor Sahara Paula Garcia Cardenas.

interviewing Puebla MultimediaThe gastroenterologist at the 20th General Hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, La Margarita, explained that the condition is caused by viruses A, B and C, which affect patients differently.

Likewise, he noted that in the present case Hepatitis Cin addition to inviting the public to undergo arrest testing, avoid tattooing in dangerous areas, and should not share IV drugs.

This is specified by virus A It is the most common disease worldwide and usually appears early in a person’s life, but can develop at other stages.

“For A virus, the most important thing is hand hygiene and sexual hygiene against these three viruses, for B virus, they should be vaccinated, and if they already have hepatitis C, they should go to the health center to guide them in Where to receive treatment that is completely free nationwide,” he said.

Symptoms produced by these disorders include headache, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, yellowing of the skin, This is the most common condition in A virus cases and there are four vaccines against it.

this Type B and C viruses, can generate cirrhosis or liver cancerso it is very important that people who suffer from it receive treatment immediately, so it is important to follow the corresponding treatment.

He stated that in Hepatitis C It is possible to avoid the occurrence of other diseases, which highlights the importance of people taking proper care of themselves.

July 28 this year is the International Hepatitis Day, reminding the whole society to prevent the spread of hepatitis.


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