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Company opto from China, has revealed that it is a smartphone of the latest brings a special chip set gaming.

Report Reporter Nextren, Fahmi, Bagas Mediatek is one of the companies of technology devices in the segment of the chip set of the processor.

For you smartphone users, of course, already know or at least know what chip set of a processor on a mobile phone.

Yes, it would be advisable to relieve the load on the chipset, and to do anything to you.

To edit an example, only the video, using, currently, often a wide variety of applications in smartphones.

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With the use of a chipset, of great power, of course, such activities do not have the problem.

Mediatek as a company that has struggled in the production of the opto-since 1997, some of the latest chipsets released in the first quarter (Q1) of the year 2020.

Perusaah of origin China unveiled some of the latest chip sets from two different series.

The latest series of Mediatek, said, currently, be able to sustain mobile-phone-class-flagship of a series of Dimensity from the version 800, and 1000.

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Both are made by Mediatek, with the support of the connection of the 5G network, the currently adopted devices of the new smartphone.

For the next series Helio is to be aware of the fact that Mediatek launched a series Helio G80, as the second film in this year.

Earlier, in the month of January of the first skate-opto Helio G70 was on the market.

Mediatek designing opto-series Helio has different market segments with a range of Dimensity.

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A screenshot of the presentation from Mediatek, which explains that it is a smartphone with the latest chipset-Helio G80

The company says that the chipset Helio was made to the smartphone users, play on your mobile device.

Therefore, it is claimed that the level of the network latency and the process of data collection smartphone faster than others.

If you’re a fan of smartphone gaming is certainly the name of the chipset Helio is not something that is foreign.

It is because, Realme C3 is the first device that is equipped with opto-Helio-G70.

Then, how about the fate of his brother Helio G80?

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Well, today it became known through leaked from Mediatek, that soon will glide, a smartphone with a debriefing chip set.

If the rumors about smartphones, a device that, based on the latest chipset are the Realme 6i.

If this is a newspaper, is correct, then the Realme 6i is a smartphone with the power of a gaming is supported, the last of Mediatek.

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Note bahwq this chipset has an increase of 0.1 percent compared to the opto Helio G70, the power of 1.7 GHz.

In addition, there is also an improvement over the sector GPUnya reached 24fps.

For those of you who have been curious, no harm in it if the introduction of the Realme is 6i something to be witnessed.


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