Medical personnel attending to patients with Covid-19 suffers threats and attacks: IMSS


The medical and nurses working in the care of the population with Covid-19 have suffered threats and physical assaults, is a situation outrageous, called the Mexican Social Security Institute and the ministry of Health.

During the conference daily newspaper to publicize the progress of the epidemic by coronavirus, Victor Hugo Borja Aburto, director of benefits of the IMSS, has asked the population to stop this type of attacks and acts of discrimination. He recalled that in these times, the health of the population depends on the health personnel.

“We have been concerned about attacks, threats and acts of discrimination against the staff of health that attends to cases of Covid-19 in several states in the country.

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“As institutions of health we want to express that the health of a large part of the population depends on this health-care personnel. It is essential to be in solidarity with this sector that is the first line of battle in the care and care of people with Covid-19”, he said Borja Aburto.

This Monday it was announced that in the country there are 2 thousand 439 confirmed cases, 6 thousand 295 suspects, 125 people killed by this virus.


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