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Credits: Instagram@el.eme

He is giving it his all! Luis Miguel He has given three of the ten presentations in Chile since he started his tour in Chilean territory. Movistar Arena.

However, in addition to impeccable stage performances Scenes, Definite Sounds and Songs One factor driving their fans wild has alarmed half the world: the health of the “Mexican Sun.”

In fact, journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez revealed on Monday that the Mexican singer fell ill upon his arrival in Chile:

«Luis Miguel will be taken to the emergency room. The singer would go to the emergency room of a clinic in the East because he had pictures of the flu. Just in case, the sun is good. It’s a state of fever, but it doesn’t mean he canceled the concert, it’s a change in temperature”The “Zona de Estrellas” panelist commented at the beginning.

Credits: Instagram@el.eme

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Luis Miguel health update

To be precise, it was the show reporter himself who shared the latest news and details about what really happened to Luis Miguel:

“Luis Miguel actually went to the emergency room at the Las Condes clinic over the weekend because he wasn’t feeling well. I have body aches, chest pain, sore throat and fever“.

In this sense, the communicator revealed to the inspection the tests that the Sol Mexico had to undergo during its visit to the National Medical Center:

“He underwent a chest scan. Remarkably, not only did he have a cold or a fever, but his partner, Paloma Cuevas, also had a cold. They went to the clinic together.

Even Cecilia Gutiérrez explained that Luis Miguel had another medical check-up on the same Wednesday, August 23, before his speech in Chile.

It was around this time that he was diagnosed with bronchitis, and he was even prescribed corticosteroids to combat the manifestations, which lasted over two hours:

The diagnosis was that he had with a Corticosteroid treatment allowed him to sing otherwise impossible’, Cecilia Gutiérrez shared on her Instagram account.

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