Meet Gomes Gerth, one of Scaloni’s surprises

Lionel scaloni unveiled the list of the Argentine National Team, thinking about the double date against Uruguay and Brazil. And among those summoned there are several surprises. But a big one, without a doubt, is that of Federico Gomes Gerth. Who is this new appearance? One of Tigre’s promises. He works as an archer and is category 2004 (17 years old). In January 2020, Federico was uploaded to the Matador Reserve to do the preseason in that division.

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His story

Shortcut at the club since 2012 (it has been 9 years). Obviously he’s a multi-resourceful goalie, because he likes to kick free throws, which means he’s good with his feet. It protects the bow of the seventh from the Matador, but currently train with the First.

Besides, you already know what it is to wear the Albiceleste. In July 2019, the archer was summoned to the Sub 15 selection. In November of the same year he played the South American Sub 15, justly. He made his debut on the second date against Uruguay and was a 2-0 win for Argentina. In February 2020 he was called up for the Selection Sub 17. In October of this year he was cited again, this time by Fernando Batista placeholder image for the Sub 20.

Gomes Gerth in the Under 15 National Team.

Gomes Gerth in the Under 15 National Team.

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As if that were not enough, he has already had to go to the Primera de Tigre, in a brave context for the club. In the 2020 Copa Libertadores, the Matador visited Palmeiras and fell 5-0 (group stage). In that game, Gomes Gerth went to the substitute bench. His arrival occurred because Gonzalo Marinelli and Marco Wolff had Covid, while Nicolás Navarro suffered a tear. So Felipe Zenobio went to the arch and Federico to the bench. Great news for the kid, what He will share a dressing room with Lionel Messi and company.

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