Meet gunslinger character Rosario Dawson Prism in the new trailer for The Haunting of the Ruins.


  • Gala Film’s partnership with Battle Island is paying off with the upcoming premiere of the dystopian animated show “Ghosts of the Ruins”.
  • The show is set in high-tech San Francisco, where a dark entity is hunting players in the Tournament of Disaster.
  • Viewers can influence the story by purchasing “pins” from the Ghosts of Ruin website, making the game unique and interactive.

Gala Film’s exclusive partnership with Battle Island is paying off as the Haunting of Ruins animated show nears its premiere, and Screen Rant is delighted to offer an exclusive look at one of the character teasers. The interactive project team hosted a panel at San Diego Comic-Con on July 22 where they presented incredible episodes introducing the series’ dystopian world. Haunting of the Ruin stars Tony Revolori (Willow), K-pop star Alexa, Josh Keaton (The Spectacular Spider-Man), Karen Strassman (Sonic the Hedgehog series), John Bentley (Alpha and Omega), Justin Long (Barbarian), Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones) and none other than Rosario Dawson.

Haunting of the Ruins is set in an alternate (or near-future) technology-infested San Francisco, where Tournament of Disaster uses a fully immersive technology known as Neural Reality. The protagonist Lee (Revolori) enters the upcoming battle thanks to his gaming skills, but there is a dark and secret entity in the game itself that hunts down each of the participants. Dawson, who will also return as Ahsoka in August, plays the plucky gunslinger from the video game Prism and one of Lee’s teammates.

Learn more about the Ghosts of the Ruins

Haunting of the Ruins presented episodes at the SDCC, including a sneak peek of Dawson’s character Prism. Her serious playable character is shown training in Neural Reality, where she fights an endless wave of hobos, which are canine monsters that every character in the game encounters. An electronic version of “Under Your Skin” by James Donald Davis sets the stage, while flashing images give viewers a sense of the frightening persecution that has befallen the characters.

In addition to Revolori and Dawson, other Ghosts of Ruin players include Juggernaut (voiced by Alex) and Assassin (Michael Longfellow), with Justin Long playing the mysterious Marcus. But what makes the project truly unique is the fact that even though the characters have synced the game right in their minds, viewers can help decide what’s going on with them through “badges” they can purchase on “Ghosts of the Ruins”. Hans Zimmer’s “Bleeding Fingers Music” composers Giovoni Rios, Hendrik Beunk and Russell Emanuel also created powerful music.

“Ghosts of the Ruins” will debut in August on the Gala Film website.

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