Meet the Barbie-Style House Where Paris Hilton Slept and That You Can Now Rent on Airbnb

This quaint rental home that she received from Paris Hilton was put up for rent.

The picturesque residence, which attracts attention for its pink interiors, is in search of explorers who want to know its interior and feel like authentic dolls

New York socialite Paris Hilton, 40, has grown up surrounded by great luxuries, which has allowed her to visit some of the most eccentric places in the world, including a very peculiar house on the outskirts of London, in England, where she was able to feel like a real barbie doll.

The property, baptized as Eaton House Studio and colloquially known as The Pink House, has also hosted celebrities such as Iggy Azalea and Gizzi Erskine on its roof, as shared by the Time Out portal.

The very peculiar residence, located in Tiptree, Essex, made headlines recently by spreading that it was put up for rent through the Airbnb platform, so now anyone can sleep under that pink roof and feel like Ken or Barbie.

The property, which has a capacity to receive up to 16 guests, is made up of 15 beds, distributed throughout six bedrooms.

It also has 6.5 bathrooms, hall, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, bar, TV room, billiard room, study, laundry room, among other rooms.

Outside it has extensive green areas and various constructions with a very peculiar design and theme, as they do not resemble the architecture of the main house.

One of the adjacent homes takes us back to the old west, having fur-lined furniture, with animal horns in the main entrance and with painted walls with details alluding to a desert.

The price per night of accommodation ranges from £ 2,982 to £ 3,403 pounds, that is, between $ 4,170 and $ 4,760.

Contrary to other accommodations, this one does not have such strict rules, since parties and all kinds of meetings are allowed, although it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside.