Meet the Beautiful Van Where Lee Macmillan Lived, the Influencer Who Committed Suicide Due to Depression

Lee MacMillan was a lover of traveling in her van with her boyfriend and his dog.

The YouTube universe is mourning the death of influencer Lee MacMillan, who took her own life on Friday, March 26, in Santa Barbara, California, after not being able to overcome the depression that afflicted her.

Lee, who was 28 years old, became famous for traveling, aboard a van, the United States, Mexico, and other countries of America in the company of Max Bidstrup, her boyfriend, and Occy, her dog.

The truck was adapted in a certain way to become his companion for adventures and his home.

The truck, a 2006 Mercedes Sprinter, stood out for its white color and for having a real home inside.

In April 2018, the couple organized a van tour, with which they allowed their followers to see how the place where they used to spend most of the day looked inside.

The kitchen was one of the star rooms of the truck, as it had all the utensils and appliances necessary to prepare a very complete meal.

It also had a very large cupboard to store food and everything they could think of, as well as a folding table where Lee and Max used to sit and cook.

His living room, located right next to the kitchen, stood out for being made up of a couple of sofas in various shades of gray and drawers, which at night became a bed.

There they also had space to put a coffee table, while the walls of the room were decorated with some photographs of their travels.

Under one of the sofas, they had a small refrigerator, in which they loved to store their vegetables, their fruits, and various liquids that required refrigeration. They also had their toolbox there.

In the cabin area, they made few adaptations, the most significant being the one they made so that their dog could travel with them in the front when they wanted.

Another highlight is that the van had solar panels on the roof, which helped them carry out their activities at any time they wanted since they were never lacking in electricity.

A few months ago they decided to sell their famous van and buy a slightly more modern one, which they also adapted for their travels, but could hardly occupy it together.


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