Meet the Millionaire House of Holly Madison, The Ex-Bunny Who Revealed Wicked Secrets of the Playboy Mansion

Holly Madison has lived in a historic Los Angeles mansion since 2018.

The beautiful model has lived since 2018 in an impressive and historic mansion built-in 1914 in the city of Los Angeles, California

Former Playboy girlfriend Holly Madison, 41, bought an imposing mansion in Los Angeles, California on August 1, 2018, for which she would have paid $ 8.7 million dollars according to the Dirt portal.

The property, located just one block from Wilshire Boulevard, was built in 1914, but its interiors were recently remodeled.

According to the datasheet, the property has an area of 11,826 square feet, eight bedrooms, and 8.5 bathrooms.

It also has an entrance hall, kitchen, dining room, dining room, living room, main room, TV room, wine cellar, bar, cinema room, games room, among other rooms.

The kitchen is quite spacious and open. It is equipped with a gray pantry, high-end appliances, and a central island that can be used to prepare food, but also as a breakfast bar with space for four bar-style chairs.

The master bedroom has space for a large bed and a living room. It also has a large bathroom with a marble vanity, gold cabinets, a bathtub, and a shower with a transparent screen.

Outside, on its .61 acre land, there are extensive gardens, terrace with outdoor kitchen, barbecue area, swimming pool with its respective spa area, pool house, fireplace, guest house with one bedroom, fountains, among others. spaces.

Privacy is another highlight of the property, as it is surrounded by large and lush trees that prevent you from seeing the interior.

In mid-2020 it was released for sale again, however, so far there is no information that reveals that it has already been sold.

To see more images of the house attributed to Holly Madison, click here.

Why are Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner trending?

In recent days, the name of the late Hugh Hefner made headlines again due to the strong accusations made by the ex-girlfriend Holly Madison, assuring that it was a requirement to have sex with him to be allowed to move into the Playboy mansion.

“I’m not trying to embarrass anyone or anything like that, but no girl was ever asked to move there unless she had slept with him,” he said in the podcast ‘Call Her Daddy’ in a clear reference to Kendra Wilkinson.

Holly, who was one of Hefner’s official girlfriends, acknowledged that she went through a kind of Stockholm syndrome during her courtship, which is why she needed to steel herself to make the decision to leave the premises and thus be able to rebuild her life.

The also actress lived under the yoke of the Playboy mansion for more than seven years, however, in 2008 she decided to step aside and began a new chapter with Criss Angel, with whom she had a courtship of only three months.

After that fleeting relationship, Holly went through various love disappointments until she found Pasquale Rotella, the father of her two children, Rainbow Aurora and Leonardo Antonio, whom she divorced in 2019.


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