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Meet the new PokémonGO crypto version: rewards are in Doge

Just appeared a new cryptocurrency-based augmented reality (AR) game, DogemonGO, and arrived on the App Store by borrowing the concept, name and even characters quite familiar from another popular AR title, the famous PokémonGO.

DogemonGO is an app that takes advantage of the resounding success that the AR based mobile game and the cryptocurrency “meme” Dogecoin, driven in large part by tweets from Tesla mogul Elon Musk.

While the crypto version PokémonGO is still a very new game With few followers, the developers have shared some interesting facts about him, via Twitter and the game’s website.

It works something like this: Dogemons are representative of individual coins, like the dog named Floki, which simulates Dogecoin, as a lion named Bion, it is for Binance and Etherfant, it is the elephant for Ethereum.

There is also a suspiciously familiar one called Cake, which has almost the same silhouette as a classic and instantly recognizable Pokémon.

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Photo Twitter.

To play this crypto version PokémonGO, the users can use the AR map to catch Dogemons and find crypto while “hunting” other Dogemons.

The app provides the opportunity to earn Dogecoin by playing, and also allows you to withdraw the generated to an external wallet, something in which the rapper Soulja Boy appears to be specializing, as he recently revealed on his Instagram.

Crypto version Pokémon, an advertising paradise?

Besides being a fun pastime for your players, This crypto version PokémonGO is also positioning itself as an interesting way to publicize projects or businesses.

The concept of its developer Shemie Suárez is interesting, since users who own projects, tokens, coins or even more conventional real-life spaces, such as restaurants and shops, they can integrate them into the DogemonGO world, within the AR map.

Although the app is recent, it is not known at the moment no copyright claim by Nintendo, developers of the original idea for PokémonGO.

According to statements from the app’s spokesperson, the game has been well received and Indonesia topped the list, followed by the Philippines and Turkey. India, Brazil and the United States.

The crypto version PokémonGO is available for download on iOS devices and they are currently developing an Android version, although users can download the APK file from the website before an official version is released on the Play Store.

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