Meet the Participant Who Will Talk About Miss Universe 2021

Miss Universe 2019.

In each edition of the beauty pageant there is a participant who stands out in the media, this year it seems that she will be Miss Bulgaria

Some of the most recent editions of Miss Universe have stood out for their controversies; from the “human error” that Steve Harvey made when announcing the wrong winner in the 2015 pageant, to the participation of the first trans woman in 2018. This contest has gotten into several controversies and this year it seems that it will be no exception.

Radinela Chusheva, the woman who will represent Bulgaria on May 16, is already giving something to talk about because it was widely said that her boyfriend had bought the crown in his country. To this was added the criticism of its physical appearance, as many users assure that the aesthetic arrangements that have been made are evident.

The model won her crown at the end of 2019 and despite being blamed for buying the victory, according to the  E! she replied that she did not have a partner and that if the crown could be bought, many more would have already tried.

It was until March 30 of this year that the organization confirmed its participation, which has rekindled this debate on social networks.

Regarding the criticism of her physical appearance, Radinela has not spoken in networks or in an official way, however, in her photographs, she shows that she does not care what they will say and poses in all kinds of sensual looks.

Just earlier this month she showed her statuesque figure in a white mini bikini with which she looked spectacular and left her followers with their mouths open.

The controversies of Miss Universe

Thus, Radinela could join the list of participants who are remembered for the controversy. Starting with the media  Lupita Jones, who gave something to talk about after being blamed for not wanting to support the aspirants of her country, there is also the beautiful  Alicia Machado who got into a great scandal for her criticism of  Donald Trump.

In the same way, there is also the case of Pushpika De Silva, who had been awarded as Miss Sri Lanka,  however, they took away the crown after they discovered that she was divorced and in the rules, it is specified that the participants cannot be.

This unleashed all kinds of criticism on the networks, in addition to the fact that the affected party reported physical and emotional damage after the contest.



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