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‘Wound’ is a Netflix movie directed by and starring Halle Berry. She took her role so seriously that by recruiting a UFC mixed martial arts champion to play a role, she really hurt her.

As you know, many actors follow different methods to embody their roles with rigor and passion. Halle Berry, director and protagonist of Herida, a film that enjoys the first position in the top of favorite contents of Netflix, took very seriously to bring to life Jackie Justice, an MMA fighter who sees the end of her career after a mishap in the Octagon. To regain the honor of the fighter that she once was and rebuild her life now that the son she abandoned has returned with her, she must return to the ring to show everyone, and herself, that she is worthy of the championship that was denied to her..

This story, intense and bloody because of the cruel life that shaped the character of Berry, needed everyone to take it seriously. For this reason, the director recruited the UFC women’s flyweight champion, Valentina shevchenko, to give life to her sports rival: the Argentine Lucia ‘Lady Killer’ Chavez. On the second day of filming, Berry told ESPN, he broke a rib during one of the fight sequences with Shevchenko. He added that he had previously broken some while filming John Wick 3: Parabellum and had the same pain.

I don’t know exactly when the kick occurred, the knee, or what happened in our fight. In a moment I got up, I had again that feeling of not being able to breathe and I knew what had happened.

On The Tonight Show from Jimmy Fallon, Berry added the following: “Shevchenko had to throw some real kicks and I had to take them and that really broke some bones. She’s a beast. But she couldn’t have asked for a better teacher, a better stage partner, a better one. Fighting partner. She brought so much reality that at times, I felt like I was really fighting. “

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If you are also a fan of the UFC, you know that Shevchenko is not soft. However, knowing that she would have her debut on the big screen, the fighter decided to get in shape to look her best. In fact, she and the actress met in the same gym, they even decided to use a sauna suit to lose weight. Now that you know, what did you think of what the warriors said and what you saw on the tape?

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