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Mega heads south to record his new nighttime television series

In the next few days, Mega will begin filming the television series that will replace “Demente”, the police thriller that currently occupies its prime time slot.

As noted The Mercury, is about “Deep love”, a more playful bet that will mark the return of the dramatic area of ​​the channel to regions after “Isla Paraíso” (2018-2019). Specifically the fiction will be shot in the Caleta Cocholgüe in Tomé, in the Biobío Region, and will be set in a fishermen’s work setting.

Like “Edificio Corona”, this production will star María Gracia Omegna and Nicolás Oyarzún as the main couple. She will play a woman who will return to the south to take over her father’s fishing business and he will be her rival in the market.

“Will take care of showing the labor equality that must exist between men and women in a male job. It will also address the care of the environment, sustainability, and the strength and ability of a group of brave women to stay afloat, “executive producer Patricio López told the newspaper.

The cast of “Amar Profundo” also includes Fernando Godoy, Paula Luchinsger, Pedro Campos and Magdalena Müller. It will also be the opportunity for two former Channel 13 to debut that were integrated into the dramatic area of ​​Mega: Josefina Montané and Elisa Zulueta.

For now, this new television series does not have a release date.

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