Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly split?

For now they are only clues, but there are far too many that lead to the (presumed) end of the love between Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly. It all happened suddenly and did not leave the most acute observers indifferent: from her Instagram account I am disappeared all the photos together with the rapper, unmistakable sign that something must have happened.

To further fuel the rumors of crisis, then, a very cryptic post by Fox, which quoted a passage from Lemonade, the song in which Beyoncé sang about her husband Jay-Z’s cheating: “You can taste the dishonesty, it’s all your breath.” Post disappeared in the last few hours, as well as the actress’s account, which is currently no longer available.

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No response, for now, from Machine Gun Kelly, stage name of Colson Baker, who published his latest post on January 27th: in one shot he is together with Maneskin, for the launch of their latest album, rush. The last release together of the former couple, however, dates back to last February 5: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly had participated together in the Grammys 2023 and nothing foreshadowed winds of crisis, on the contrary, they had appeared more close-knit than ever, as they have always done since their story began.

The first meeting in 2020, on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass, then the confirmation of the relationship, in the aftermath of her definitive break with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green, with whom he had three children. A couple that has caused a lot of talk, also thanks to over the top choices, such as that of always carrying a vial of their respective blood with them (not a novelty in Hollywood, the first were Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, ed) but also to drink it, in a sort of ceremony shared with followers on Instagram.

To reaffirm the will to get serious, also the official engagement, which arrived in January 2022. It was Colson who designed the ring for Megan, a symbol of the “dark heart that is our love”, he said at the time.

However, they didn’t arrive at the wedding and probably won’t arrive. The wrong suffered by the actress seems too serious, a (perhaps) unforgivable betrayal.

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