Megan Fox returns to Instagram: “No betrayal with Machine Gun Kelly”

Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Did they end their relationship? According to rumors revealed by Page Six, it would seem so. In particular, it seems that the two broke up because she would have discovered some messages on his cell phone and therefore thought of the hypothesis of a betrayal.

megan fox breaks the social silence

After the social silence of the last few days, Megan Fox has reactivated her Instagram account from which, however, all the posts have disappeared. In fact, the actress has decided to leave only him on her profile screenshot of a message pinned in phone notes on February 19th. “There has been no interference in the relationship from ‘third parties’, and by these we mean humans, robots, artificial intelligences, demons” reads the post published by Megan Fox. “Even though I hate to steal your chance to spreading random news without any basis which would have been more accurate if written with ChatGPT (chatbot prototype that simulates human language and with which it is possible to have a conversation), you now you have to let this story die and leave all these innocent people alone” he concluded, inviting his followers to respect the privacy of the people involved. It would therefore seem that the love story between the actress and the musician it’s over anyway, even if not for a betrayal on his part.

the barbs against Machine Gun Kelly

As reported by the site Page SixMegan Fox would discovered “DMs and text messages” on her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly’s cell phone, that they would led to believe that the latter “was having an affair”. What is certain, however, is that before deactivating her account on Instagram, the actress of Jennifer’s Body had shared the photo of an envelope on fireaccompanied by a quote from the song Pray You Catch Me of Beyoncé, which the American pop star had devoted to infidelity from husband Jay-Z: “You can taste the dishonesty, it’s all over your breath”. Not only that, some actions carried out by the actress on her social networks had triggered panic among the couple’s fans: before losing all trace of her profile, Megan Fox had removed her boyfriend from her contacts starting, on the other hand, a follow eminema rapper with whom Machine Gun Kelly had famously fallen out with.

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