Megan Fox wet on the beach: everyone is coming

Irresistible Megan Fox, wet, by the sea: it’s impossible not to zoom in on a detail so spicy it’ll take your breath away

Megan Fox he must have liked it. On the other hand, summer, which rhymes with the sea and the sun, is the most favorable moment of the year for the beauties of show business to hand out shots that perpetuate them in “complete freedom”, i.e. deshabil.

Megan Fox wet
Megan Fox swims in the sea (Instagram)

And now the Transformers actress, after a photo in a dress so tight that it leaves little to the imagination, returns to delight netizens and subscribers with a photo that depicts her by the sea.

Kneeling at the water’s edge and depicted from behind, Megan Fox, seductive eyes and long raven hair running down her back, she looks like a mermaid fresh out of the sea.

Madida after surfing and with a white dress made transparent because it was soaked in sea water, the Hollywood star offers a show first world view. Also because the pose in which she is immortalized gives an excellent overview of her amazing nature. side B.

Megan Fox swam on the beach: everyone focuses on her wonderful b-side

Needless to say, numerous followers of the ex-wife Brian Austin Greenknown in our country primarily for being part of the cast of the cult TV series ‘Beverly Hills 90210‘, they didn’t miss the opportunity to increase its B side.

Megan Fox B-side
Megan Fox, everyone is paying attention to her amazing B side (Instagram)

On the other hand, it’s impossible not to be mesmerized by the perfect shapecome Transformers actresses. The same pose, kneeling at the water’s edge, is so attractive that even its subscribers cannot help but comment on the picture.

Instead, the followers, in addition to keeping their eyes on her teasing and delicious ass, would gladly accept the invitation that accompanies the photo. In the accompanying signature, in fact, Megan Fox offers to teach surf lessons.

Too predictable more than positive feedback on the offer of surf lessons. Even those who have never seen a surfboard in their lives will not hesitate to stand in line to spend an hour in the company of the sultry and fabulous Megan as a surf teacher.

Even if, in truth, all his fans would go for fake cards to ride not the highest waves in the world. but on its wondrous curves. After all, such bends make the heart beat faster than a water wall tens of meters high.

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