Megan Thee Stallion continues the tradition of pumpkin head photos on October 1st

A pumpkin sits on wooden planks against a backdrop of eerie fog and trees.

October is definitely Halloween time. There are many traditions associated with this time of year. From horror movies to sweatshirts, many of us just can’t wait for fall. One rapper in particular will always let us know when October 1st is coming. Superstar Megan Thee Stallion has a sweet tradition that we appreciate every year. To kick off the spooky month, Meghan takes some fun and amazing pumpkin head photos.

Why is she doing this? I really don’t know. But I think it’s so cute. She has photos of 2021, 2022and now a photo of the 2023 pumpkin has already been published.

In a series of photos posted to Instagram, Meghan has her famous pumpkin head and a cozy coffee, perhaps a pumpkin spice latte? Another photo shows her holding a drink by the infinity pool. In between is a shot of her holding a pumpkin head in her hands, perhaps in a state of existential autumn dread??

However, she looks like she’s living her best life. Her fans love these things too. One user aptly commented, “Pretties are the best for the spooky season.” This may seem pretty trivial, and it may be, but I’m honestly happy for Meghan. The last few years have been quite difficult for her with the shooting, Tory Lanez trial and sentencing. She has new music with Cardi B, a hit collaboration called “Bongos.” In accordance with Billboard, she’s also preparing new music, saying she’s “starting with a clean slate.”

I just love this for her! Megan Thee Stallion deserves better. The necessary and misogynistic backlash she faced for being a victim of violence is absurd. She seems confident and happy and we love to see that! Social media is filled with a huge amount of negativity, from always-messy politics to celebrities doing problematic things. Seeing the stupidity displayed by Megan and her pumpkin head just makes me smile. I already love fall, but this definitely helps lift my spirits!

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