Megapolis, Coppola’s spectacular film Julius Caesar Meets Blade Runner.

New movie about Francis Ford Coppola is one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken by the director Apocalypse has come. Maxi project from $120 milliondreamed about since the late 70s, in which he personally participated, finding himself forced to finance himself by selling his winery. metropolis currently being edited in Atlanta and could hit the Cannes waterfront in 2024.

Director Mike Figgis, these days I haveschia Global Film Festival And Music Festival, he said he watched the production process for five months metropolison which he shot a documentary that could accompany the film’s release.

We just finished filming additional scenes on the border between Italy and Switzerland.” reveals the English director. “I am delighted with the work done, the combination of filming on the set and archival materials, even Paul Newman reads the part that today is Adam Sandler! There will be interviews with Scorsese, Lucas, Spielberg. Coppola’s film is a “futuristic” film set in New York, which will be called New Rome (in the center – an architect who wants to restore a utopian metropolis after a disaster – ed.), very philosophical, but at the same time political satire.

The film’s documentary will reveal “Long waits on a huge set” as well as “well-known issues that have been in digital production.” Including layoffs and controversy, “a story highlighted by the press”.

“WITHthis affects the commitment of an 85-year-old man who invests out of his own pocket and wants to do everything in accordance with his vision,” Figgis concluded. “A person who came from the theater who loves acting, performance. And what he continues to explore. Figgis also teases that Megapolis, which features a huge cast (from Forest Whitaker to Nathalie Emmanuel to Jon Voight), “shouldn’t exceed two hours.”

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