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Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton and their unknown relationship

We are more than used to talking about Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle in the same news. From the times in which, supposedly, the Duchess of Sussex has tried to steal the role of her sister-in-law to the great confrontation they had and of which the former actress gave his version on the Oprah show. And you don’t have to go far to talk about the last time we talked about the two, since the Cambrians have not been slow to congratulate Meghan and Harry on the birth of their daughter Lilibet Diana. But this time we must not speak of rivalries or frictions, but of something that unites the two duchesses and that even they themselves could ignore. It’s about a unknown relationship that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have, aside from the obvious thanks to their respective husbands.

Ever since we met Meghan Markle, even long before, we’ve heard her talk about her African American roots, of which she claims to be absolutely proud. But what she may not even know is that her origins do not only go back to Africa and the colonial and slavery times, to which she usually refers, but also comes from a family noble. Some origins that also shares with Kate Middleton, his sister-in-lawas they have a common ancestor. It is true that to find it, we have to go until the thirteenth century, that is, more than 700 years. But yes, there is an English nobleman without whom neither one nor the other would exist.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, after a Christmas mass at Sandrigham. (Getty)

We talk about Baron John Hastings -a surname that will be very familiar to followers of the series ‘The Bridgertons’-, a feudal lord and soldier who lived between 1262 and 1313, being very close to King Edward I, for whom he fought in numerous wars. The baron had several children from two different marriages. The smallest of the first of them was Elizabeth Hastings, From which the genealogical line starts until it reaches Meghan Markle, although it is necessary to count 14 more names until it reaches Thomas Markle and, finally, the current Duchess of Sussex. In the case of Kate middleton, there are two more generations that we have to count between this common ancestor and his mother, Carole middleton, descendant of the baron’s youngest son, Hugh Hastings, fruit of his second marriage, with Isabel le Despenser.

Meghan and Kate, at Wimbledon. (Getty)

And although it was not difficult at the time that his family could be related to royalty, surely he would never have imagined that, eight centuries later, two of his descendants – distant, yes, but descendants- would be part of the British Royal House. Much less, surely, could he imagine that one of them would even shake its foundations, without the need for wars and those games of thrones so typical of the Middle Ages.

The bad news for Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton is that, if one day they want to stage their reconciliation and honor this ancestor that they have in common, they are going to have a difficult time. The monastery in which he was buried, located in the center of the city of Conventry, was destroyed in the 16th century, victim of Henry VIII and his reforms, so nothing remains of the chapel that the Hastings family had built and in which they were buried. numerous generations.

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