Meghan Markle and Naomi Osaka talk about mental health and privacy

Naomi Osaka became the first athlete of color in appearing on a cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue last Monday. Then, almost inevitably, she became the first athlete to be embarrassed by it. ‘Since she said she’s too introverted to talk to the media after tennis matches, Naomi Osaka has released a reality show, a Barbie, and is now on the cover of the swimsuit edition of SI’,” wrote radio host Clay Travis via his Twitter account.

Megyn Kelly, the journalist who was fired from NBC for defending the Blackface, decided to attack Naomi, who is Haitian and Japanese, said: ‘Let’s not forget the cover and the interview in Vogue Japan and Time Mag!’ Subsequently, Piers Morgan became involved, as he usually does whenever an opportunity for intolerance presents itself.

Naomi Osaka embodies the new generation of tennis player that we must not lose sight of


Both broadcaster Clay Travis and Megyn Kelly (and, ugh Piers Morgan) know full well that tennis player Naomi Osaka didn’t say she’s too introverted to talk to the media. When the 23-year-old retired from the French Open in May (and after Wimbledon), she shared that she experienced ‘huge waves of anxiety’ before addressing the tennis press, as well as ‘long episodes of depression since the 2018 US Open’, when she was inundated with international attention for defeating her idol Serena Williams. Therefore, the Trolls of the internet have decided that it is now somewhat hypocritical that Osaka relates to the media, an intentionally aggressive attack made for Twitter.

It’s obvious Naomi is presenting a Barbie and appearing on magazine covers; she is one of the best tennis players in the world. Apparently, she said she didn’t feel mentally prepared to discuss her wins and losses at a press conference, not that she intended to retreat to a desert island so she would never be seen again (like Megyn Kelly and company). In addition, magazine delivery times are months before publication dates, as Osaka said in a tweet deleted from before blocking journalist Megyn Kelly. She filmed S.I. and other covers last year, long before her recent hiatus. Even his eponymous series produced by Netflix took years to develop.

Similarly, the reaction to the situation Naomi this is not hypocrisy. It’s about belittling a woman of color and Asian who cares for herself. And, unfortunately, the tennis player, is not the only one woman who has experienced this type of social attack lately.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reported that they will no longer be active members of the royal family.

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The media boast about the privacy, each time the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and/or Prince Harry share a family photo or announce a new project. However they have also been annoyed before, especially after the historic interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, in which the couple explained that they resigned as royals after British tabloids attacked Meghan, which led her to experience suicidal thoughts. ‘Meghan and Prince Harry they ask for privacy, but they are hungry for attention,’ one headline read. ‘Harry and Meghan insist on privacy. Except when they are the ones who serve the dish,’ said another. But just like Naomi Osakathe Duke and Duchess of Sussex they never asked for total privacy. They asked for dignity. They asked to free themselves from a situation that triggered depression and anxiety. They never said they didn’t want to be public people, just public people who weren’t subject to a torrent of racist and sexist abuse.

After talking about your mental health, both the tennis player, Naomi Osakahow Meghan Markle, experienced a wave of backlash, including tennis champion Martina Navratilova, who allegedly said Naomi Osaka should ‘be a woman’, and in the case of the Duchess of Sussex, received negative comments from British business tycoon, Lord Alan Sugar, who accused Meghan of lying. Even certain toxic personalities of the media They have presented Meghan and Osaka with a stark choice to their problems: accept the status quo or disappear altogether. ‘Ask privacy in their personal life doesn’t mean they don’t want to also use their platform to help the world see themselves differently,’ journalist Oprah Winfrey said of Meghan and Harry in an interview with the Today show.

In fact, both Meghan and Naomi advocate for a regulation in the media; in Meghan’s case, ethical and responsible journalism, as well as Internet compassionate, including a study of how algorithms target women and girls of color. In an article published in Time magazine, Naomi Osaka he said his problem ‘was never about the press, but rather about the traditional format of the press conference‘, which she believes is ‘outdated and needs a big update. I think we can make it better, more interesting and more enjoyable for each side. Less subject versus object; more than equal to equal.’ When the tennis player thanked ‘those in the public eye who have supported, encouraged and offered such kind words’ while being candid about her mental health, she mentioned Meghan’s name.

There should be room for Naomi Osaka and Meghan Markle issue fair criticism of the media without some of them demanding its demise. ‘It’s about boundaries,’ the Duchess of Sussex told Oprah, ‘and it’s about respect.’

This article was originally published in Vogue Magazine.


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